Im banned from every casino : Fallout: New Vegas

is there a way to get unbanned from casinos?

so i got banned from gamorrah and the other one in fallout new vegas. the only casinos that i haven't been banned from are atomic wrangler and vikkie and vance casino and the one where the dudes wear creepy masks. so is there a way to get unbanned? is there a console command or mod that can do that?
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I have this weird tendency to enjoy certain activities in games when it’s presented as one of many side activities, over games where that activity is more fleshed out as the primary focus.

Driving in GTA is the perfect example. There are plenty of racing games out there with better physics, a licensed selection of cars, a proper career mode, the whole package. But I’ve noticed lately that I enjoy driving around in GTA a lot more. Simply for the fact that I can stop by the side of the road and get out when I want, or admire it in my garage, or wreck it without resetting the game. Basically it feels like I’m an actual person who owns and drives a sports car, whereas in racing games it just feels like I am the car and nothing more.
Same goes for casinos in games. When I play blackjack on my phone or with friends, I’m just playing for the sake of playing. When I play blackjack in Fallout New Vegas, I can win money, that I can then use to buy guns or supplies or something else that has nothing to do with the casino. I can even get banned from the casino. In a dedicated blackjack game I guess I’d be able to buy card skins or something, not much else.
I can shoot people in an FPS game, because that’s what you do, or I can play Hitman and not eliminate anyone unless I decide it furthers my own goals. Then that kill becomes so much more meaningful because I had agency, and I’m doing it to get closer to my target and not just because that’s the objective. I could’ve done something else, killed someone else, not killed at all, but I get to choose. I could even play it as a straight up shooter and the mechanics are clunky, but I decided to do that, I wasn’t told to do that, and that just makes it more fun for me.
Basically when it’s a side activity, yes it’s not gonna be as fleshed out. But how that activity exists in a larger world, and can interact with other activities, I just love that so much. Like yeah I can just buy some Tennis World Tour game and play tennis there. Or, going back to GTA, I can call a friend, pick him up, drive him to the tennis game, play with him, and drive him back as we have a conversation. That to me is so inherently satisfying. I don’t mean to suggest that I find more focused games inferior, one of my favorite franchises is Tekken which as a fighting game limits me to a small arena and I can’t do anything other than attack my opponent, and that’s fine. But I hope you know what I mean. Let me know your thoughts on the matter, I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way.
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Gambling in mobile games VS gambling in pc games in Belgium

I am an avid gamer. I play a ton of different games. Ranging from Fallout New Vegas to Euro Truck Simulator. But the moment a game has any type of loot box or gambling mechanic I avoid the game.
But gambling in computer games has been banned (only) in Belgium. You cannot open the "lootboxes" (you spend real money on a box, you open it. And you get randomised loot, so there the name lootboxes). They have been banned by the Belgian government. This is a very good thing. These mechanics are all present in games rated for very young children.
But what does the law say about mobile games? Mobile games are only about randomized loot. Could the big casinos all be taken to court for adding lootboxes to their mobile games when they release them in Belgium. And so. What site do I bring all this to the attention of the people in charge for taking these people to court.
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New Vegas Sequel Ideas(Random notes)

The goal is to make a new Vegas sequel
-Player has choice of how the main ending was done at start of game(perhaps default mr house won could be best tho)
-Tension between a free/house new Vegas force ncr to focus all efforts in annexing the strip and taking full power from the dam (Lucky 38 has power source so no need for dam when the platinum chip arrived it gave enough power for new Vegas to no longer need the dam)
-Start of game. Noise of fence climbing etc. Then open in Back area of the Sierra madre you are playing a nobody at this point. Just a prologue anyway. It’s based of the part of the mod for new Vegas (Fallout dust)
So etc etc you find the father and blah blah basically you free him he helps you and your two buds or tribals either way you/he weaponisation of the gas then it kills you all and spreads throughout the wastes. This will be the main on globing threat to deal with. (Then a 5-10years later cut)
New Vegas is either independent or Mr house is still ruler and it is thriving(for now) Though tensions are rising as NCR has become a even more corrupt state beating the legion it is on course to annex new Vegas. Allow it faces threats from everywhere.
Main ideas for main story parts. ———— The house always wins
Work for Mr house and ensure Vegas stays free as well as expanding the control from the strip to the damm and all the Mojave. Also having a a few optional quests that could make it easier and change main endings as usual. Such as installing a puppet for Mr House or Destroy it from the inside however also destroying your reputation with NCR and it’s allies with it. (TBA)
Two Headed Bear
The main story for picking NCR is choosing who ends up leader and what type of actions the player makes changes what the possible leader will do or if the player wants to coup the NCR (NEVADA REGION) or perhaps make it a complete different leader perhaps a people’s leader who everyone thinks would be best but would perhaps do the worst etc etc.
It’s main objective is to still however annex the strip and secure as much area as possible without overextending and perhaps imploding.
Down with them all
Basically a fully player dictator or player republic with possible companions as members of it(TBC/TBA)
The main pull of this option would be there be many options for the player to take and would offer the most options however not necessarily the best.
(No matter what the ending has to be bittersweet the ending no matter what has to have something so that so matter which side the player chooses it will never be perfect. Example being.
The NCR take the strip but at what cost and what if you never deal with the cloud. Eventually since everyone is so focused on power and politics and money and greed they forgot about the most unstoppable force coming to them.
———— The game and it’s size.
The game size is going to have to be quite large. The largest perhaps fallout game it needs a whole addon the make the strip feel like the strip and it’s development over the years of either a Mr House look(if the player choose that choice) or a independent free Vegas look(choice again)
The strip need to be huge,expensive,Neon lights,A jewel that can be seen from every part of the wastes with open space to see it. It need to glow bright(large aura of light) It needs to have casinos that have a large amount of quests and a ban that only lasts 1-3 weeks in game time. Being spilt into tiers with betting casinos.
There should be 5-6 casinos to bet in with their own tiers.(1 being best and biggest bets and payout to 4 being the lowest)
The lucky 38-Tier 1 The tops-Tier 2 The Ultra lux-Tier2/3 The Gomorrah-Tier3 Vault 21-Tier 4
Obviously a lot of work and thinking needs to be done to put on paper how I see all of this working out in my head.
So just gonna focus on the strip and build out from their. The strip being the centre of the game world.
THE STRIP (THE JEWEL,THE CENTRE) Yes things are going to look different
The strip needs to be fully open no loading screens and it needs to be big I mean full street big and a full remodel. The lucky 38 being made in the middle for a start like it’s cover in the old game.
With the walls being made much higher with towers and Soldiers keeping guard.
The casinos moved about and time passed based on leader the state of the strip.
(Example being if house is leader then casinos are looking good and on the surface so does most of the strip. However if it is a free new Vegas the casinos are suffering the Gomorrahs are the worst of it and the strip caters more to the people than the families.)
The quests on the strip needs to be worthwhile too. Every family and Mr house or Free New Vegas it needs to be all worthwhile and exciting. Such as like a spy mission for gammorah to see what is happening inside the family and a bank heist for the tops depending on certain things too.
Another big thing is things that happen need to feel like they have a lasting effect.
Example being. If you do a bank heist the tops will have less money and be shit down for one in game month and will be lowered to a tier 3 casino. However if you help Mr house and stop the heist instead of helping it and taking the money for yourself the tops give you a penthouse suite with a weekly free chips amount that slowly increases from 500-1500 a week.
It needs thing that make the player thing will this help me in the long run or a quick thing is what I need and who do I want to side with if I pick this and what are the benefits for going solo or against everyone they need more choice and choices that feel like they matter.
Also a big change the ending go the game will continue after the end. With HUGE effects depending on the ending.
Example - NCR Victory means Vegas is in ruins and no longer will the player be able to play at them unless they have done missions with each family and switched their sides with the ncr in this example. So the tops switched to NCR but the ultra lux didn’t therefore the ultra lux casino is in ruins. Making the player be very careful when the do the ending and hopefully encouraging them to do as much as possible to get a satisfying ending as much as possible.
The dlcs will be much like old New Vegas. However the ending of some of them should effect the main story of vanilla new Vegas and one of them affecting the whole game world even if the ending of the game is complete.
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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Sept. 25, 2000

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-3-2000 1-10-2000 1-17-2000 1-24-2000
1-31-2000 2-7-2000 2-14-2000 2-21-2000
2-28-2000 3-6-2000 3-13-2000 3-20-2000
3-27-2000 4-3-2000 4-10-2000 4-17-2000
4-24-2000 5-1-2000 5-8-2000 5-15-2000
5-22-2000 5-29-2000 6-5-2000 6-12-2000
6-19-2000 6-26-2000 7-3-2000 7-10-2000
7-17-2000 7-24-2000 7-31-2000 8-7-2000
8-14-2000 8-21-2000 8-28-2000 9-4-2000
9-11-2000 9-18-2000
  • The Delaware Supreme Court ruled against the USA Network in their appeal to prevent WWF from accepting the Viacom deal. The decision makes it official that WWF is moving to TNN next week and ends the 17-year WWF/USA relationship. The appeal process has been lingering for over a month and because of it, USA, Viacom, WWF and ECW were all pretty much paralyzed and waiting to see how things turn out. But now that it's all finalized, ECW's final TNN show will air on 9/22 and the first Raw on TNN will air on 9/25. It doesn't give Viacom much of an opportunity to promote the move. They had set aside $7 million to promote Raw's TNN debut but because of the lingering court proceedings, they kept having to delay it and now there's almost no time. On Raw's final show on USA, Jim Ross mentioned repeatedly that this was the last episode on the network and plugged the move to TNN (and hyping that Austin will be there live). But that's pretty much it so far. During the next few days, you can expect Viacom to bombard all media outlets with as much promotion as they can cram into the short amount of time, but it's going to be impossible to promote it as much as they'd hoped to. And considering they're moving from the #1 rated network to the #15 rated network, they need all the promotion they can get.
  • Needless to say, this all gives WCW a golden opportunity to put their best foot forward for Nitro on 9/25 and hopefully gain some much-needed ground (in case you're want spoilers for next week, Russo uses this opportunity to make himself the WCW champion). In the short run, Raw's ratings will almost certainly fall, but in the long-run, being with Viacom is going to be hugely beneficial to WWF. As for ECW, this opens the door for them to continue negotiations with USA. They desperately need a TV deal, on a strong network, and most importantly, they need outside financial support if they are going to survive. Having a TV deal is useless if you can't afford the production costs. As mentioned last week, ECW missed payroll and has had to cancel several house shows due to the financial crunch they're under.
  • Also this week, TNN announced that it's renaming itself The National Network (instead of The Nashville Network) and will be moving its base of operations from Nashville to New York. They're planning to debut a new logo and target their programming to a more diverse audience. Dave recaps the history of WWF on the USA Network, dating back to 1982 when they aired monthly WWF MSG shows. Then WWF got a weekly show called All-American Wrestling on the network in 1983, which then became Prime Time Wrestling and Tuesday Night Titans, the creation of Raw in 1993, the Monday night wars, and now to this.
  • There was a frightening moment at WCW's Fall Brawl PPV with Paul Orndorff suffering a stinger that left him motionless in the ring. The good news is that it was only temporary paralysis. He was treated and released from the hospital that same night. It was reminiscent of the injuries suffered by Droz and Buff Bagwell in recent years, but fortunately for Orndorff, it didn't end up being as bad. There was immediate suspicion that the whole thing was a work, which Dave thinks is a pretty sad reflection of WCW these days. When Orndorff went down, everyone else in the match basically panicked and continued working the match on the other side of the ring, taking bumps that kept jarring the ring, all while the EMTs and trainer were trying to tend to Orndorff. Finally, almost 2 minutes after he collapsed, referee Charles Robinson finally took charge and ordered the match stopped. The match was scheduled to go several more minutes and run-ins were scheduled, but it all got scrapped when Robinson ended it. The injury happened when Orndorff tried to piledrive Mark Jindrak but Jindrak didn't go up correctly for the move. Orndorff had to deadweight lift him and when he did so, his hamstring went out. He completed the piledriver but landed awkwardly, causing something with his neck and spine to jam up and that was it. Dave talks about Orndorff's health problems over the year, specifically his arm injury that caused his right arm to atrophy severely and never recover. He retired twice before due to health issues (87 and 94) only to return both times when he probably shouldn't have. (This was his final match for 17 years. But it looks like he came out of retirement last year and worked a 6-man tag match at an indie show in Canada. But otherwise, this Fall Brawl match was the end of the road for Orndorff).
WATCH: Paul Orndorff injury at Fall Brawl 2000
  • This whole thing brings up questions about Nitro this week, which has a match scheduled between Booker T and Vince Russo. Just a few weeks ago, Russo suffered a concussion during an angle and has been dealing with headaches and such ever since, and it's probably not a good idea for him to be in the ring. They could probably work around it, but Dave thinks it's bad enough to have untrained people in there doing moves anyway, much less ones who are already injured. Dave notes the recent example of Kurt Angle wrestling on Smackdown 2 days after getting severely concussed at Summerslam, which he never should have done and led to him getting another concussion because you're always more susceptible to further concussions during the period after suffering one. Russo has openly claimed to have had 3 concussions in the last year and has only worked about 6 matches. If that's true, he probably shouldn't be in there taking bumps again. But maybe they'll book something safe that doesn't require it. Either way, Dave is just concerned about the overall safety of all these guys.
  • Oh yeah, other notes from Fall Brawl: crowd was 8,600 although only about half of that (4,311) was paid, the rest were freebies. Dave notes all the excitement people in WCW had last week when the Nitro rating was higher than usual, and points out how it obviously didn't mean dick when it comes to ticket sales. TV ratings are nice but it's a vanity metric. The real numbers that matter are the ones that make money. Ticket sales and PPV buys. And, well, those are still horrible. There was a guy in the crowd facing the hard cam who was seen constantly throughout the show wearing a Destroyer mask. Destroyer was a famous wrestler back in 60s and 70s who wore a red and white mask. Anyway....turns out that was the real Destroyer (real name Dick Beyer), just sitting in the crowd at a WCW PPV at 70 years old, still doing his old gimmick. Kevin Nash cut a promo earlier on the pre-show claiming he was hungover from hanging out at the bar last night and essentially telegraphing that he was going to lose his match (he did). Right after the Orndorff match, Shane Douglas cut a pre-match promo saying Kidman would be joining Paul Orndorff at the hospital. Even his partner Torrie Wilson seemed to drop her TV smile and give him a "what an asshole" look for that one. The scaffold for the scaffold match was way wider than any other ones before and the area underneath was padded and safe, but Torrie still seemed legitimately terrified up there. After Madusa took a bump off the scaffold (which the crowd booed because it was clearly gimmicked for safety), the announcers also tried to compare her injuries to Orndorff's injury earlier in the night. Dave is just disgusted. Torrie never took a bump off the scaffold, which was the original plan but she refused, and good for her Dave says. It would have meant nothing for the match anyway. Negative 1 star. They did a segment with David Flair beating up a mailman in his yard and Dave says the whole segment was actually hilarious and more interestingly, it was all David Flair's idea. ICP did commentary on Vampiro's match again, which once again was funny. Mike Awesome came out with former child actor Gary Coleman. There's been a lot of news stories lately about Coleman working as a security guard for $6 an hour these days, so at least WCW probably didn't have to spend a lot to get him. Naturally, he got involved in the match and it was hilarious because he knew he was going to take a guitar shot from Jarrett. So he had a hat on with a towel folded up in it to cushion the blow. But during the chaos, his hat got knocked off. So just before the guitar shot, he picked up his hat, calmly put the towel back in, put it back on, and took the hit. Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner was a shockingly good match and Dave gives it 4.25 stars. And of course, Booker T won the title from Nash in the main event.
WATCH: Fall Brawl 2000 highlights
  • We get the usual long obituary for Professor Toru Tanaka, one of the biggest heels of the 60s and 70s, who died at age 70 in California. Dave recaps his career and of course, he was a Hawaiian who got booked as a typical salt throwing Japanese heel. Worked for WWWF feuding with Sammartino, won titles in all the territories, etc. He also tells an interesting story from 1977 when Pat Patterson returned to the San Francisco territory after being gone for 8 months and was supposed to face Mr. Fuji in a show that ended up drawing 12,000 people. But Fuji had a falling out with promoter Roy Shire and left the territory 2 weeks before the match. So Shire brought in Tanaka and put him under a mask and tried to pass him off as the real Fuji. The crowd didn't buy it and the media got ahold of the story and started claiming fraud and the athletic commission got involved. Shire nearly lost his promoter's license but he claimed he didn't know and thought it was the real Fuji under the mask. Tanaka and Shire were both fined but the commission seemed to buy the story (others backed it up to protect Shire) and let them off with just the fine. The real Fuji caught all the heat and was legitimately banned by the commission for life from wrestling in California, but that was overturned in 1984.
  • The current plan for AJPW's Triple Crown title is to hold a tournament soon, which is expected to be won by Toshiaki Kawada, who will then defend the title against NJPW champion Sasaki in a title vs. title match at the Jan. 4th Tokyo Dome show. And the plan from there is for Kawada to get the surprising win, since most people don't expect NJPW to book their champion to lose to AJPW's champion. But the way Riki Choshu (NJPW booker) sees it, AJPW is pretty much doomed and he's not too concerned about them as competition anymore, and he's well aware that this inter-promotional feud is the only thing keeping AJPW alive right now. But there's still money in an AJPW/NJPW feud and they want to prolong it, so Kawada will have to win. The idea is to keep Kawada strong because NJPW loves the gimmick of a strongly booked outsider coming in and shaking things up. In the past, that person has been Naoya Ogawa but Choshu is tired of the headache that comes with dealing with Antonio Inoki and Ogawa because Inoki is intent on making Ogawa an unbeatable superman and NJPW can never get him to put anyone over. Choshu is pretty much trying to do anything he can to get Inoki's influence as far away from the company as possible. So the idea is to keep Kawada strong and milk this angle for all it's worth.
  • New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman officially signed into law the bill to regulate so-called "extreme wrestling." The bill bans children under 18 from attending extreme wrestling shows. It also adds an athletic commission tax to promotions running extreme shows, mandates an ambulance and 2 doctors must be on hand at every event, and even though it's a state law, the city officials where the show is to be held must specifically give permission for the event. This bill doesn't affect ECW, which was categorized as one of the 3 major companies which are exempt from the law. The bill is a not-so-subtle effort to drive Jersey All Pro Wrestling and Combat Zone Wrestling specifically out of the state, JAPW in particular. They're planning to still run shows but will be forced to get rid of bladejobs, no more light tubes or thumb tacks or barbed wire, etc. JAPW owner Frank Iadeavia has said they are considering legal action. But at this point, if they want to continue to run shows as they have, they're going to be forced to leave the state of New Jersey to do so.
  • Raw did well in the ratings again, facing stiff competition from the Olympics and Monday Night Football. But they had one segment that was a major bomb. Mick Foley came out, cutting a promo once again trying to get George W. Bush and Al Gore to appear on Smackdown for a debate. The segment was right before the main event and caused a full 700,000 homes to change the channel, which is an unheard of drop for a Raw episode. That led to the Rock/Undertaker main event that followed to be the lowest rated Raw main event of the year.
  • The Wrestling Observer Hotline has been officially killed off. 1-900 hotline numbers have been dying anyway and the numbers were down and Dave says more importantly, he needed to stop because he's so busy with the newsletter and the Eyada online radio show and wants to concentrate fully on those and the daily hotline stuff took up too much time.
  • Motoko Baba threatened a lawsuit against Nippon TV over their decision to drop AJPW and start airing NOAH instead, and due to the lawsuit, NOAH currently isn't airing on NTV, which is a major blow for the fledgling new company. In the meantime, Misawa has started negotiations with TV Tokyo, which is another one of the major networks in Japan.
  • Former WWF and ECW wrestler Nicole Bass made headlines after being arrested in New York after getting into an argument with someone on a street corner. It turned into a fight and when the police tried to break it up, she allegedly bit one of the cops. Bass was one of several people arrested.
  • Notes from OVW: Jim Ross did announcing on some of the shows there this week, because he was down there scouting talent. Shelton Benjamin is showing a lot of promise and Jim Cornette says Benjamin is progressing even faster than Kurt Angle and believes he's guaranteed to be a big star. Brock Lesnar still hasn't debuted on TV there yet but Bob Orton's son Randy Orton recently did. They're also strongly pushing Leviathan (real name Dave Bautista) and Jim Cornette predicts he will headline Wrestlemania within the next 5 years. (yup, exactly 5 years later in fact)
  • Ed Farhat, better known as The Sheik, is said to be in very grave condition. He's down to 150 pounds and can only communicate through blinking his eyes or lightly squeezing if you hold his hand (he ended up living another 2+ years after this. His Wikipedia page says he was working with a biographer and did extensive interviews before he died, with plans to have a book on his life released. But it says the interviews "provided a highly explosive look" into the business and as a result, the interviews and draft of the book were sealed at the time of his death and to this day it's never been released. Interesting. When I originally wrote this up a few months ago, I tweeted Dave about this and he responded saying he didn't know anything about it either. I'd love to find out more.)
  • The latest revival of Stampede Wrestling is in bad shape. They have no more shows scheduled and have only done 10 shows in the last few months. Their TV show has been airing old tapes rather than new episodes lately.
  • Ken Shamrock broke his silence on his recent PRIDE loss to Kazuyuki Fujita. Shamrock pretty much blamed himself and admitted he wasn't in proper shape to fight and said things happened which contributed to him not having time to train properly (he doesn't go into detail but I think Dave mentioned something in an earlier Observer but I can't find it right now. But I think Shamrock was going through some personal shit around this time. Something like a divorce or a custody battle or something. That doesn't get mentioned here, it's just something I vaguely remember reading awhile back, I might be wrong).
  • Nobuhiko Takada has announced he's going to face Igor Vovchanchyn at next month's PRIDE show and that if he doesn't win, he'll retire. Takada had a reputation as a shoot fighter from his years as the founder and star of UWFi, which was a worked shoot promotion. But then he started doing real shoots and it's been bad news ever since, including 2 high profile losses to Rickson Gracie. He's had a couple of wins, but they were worked matches. His real MMA fights have all been losses and Dave says the real fighters in PRIDE have pretty much no respect for Takada as an actual fighter. He doesn't like Takada's chances next month (indeed, Takada gets punched into submission in the 2nd round. But he still didn't retire).
  • Notes from Nitro: the building was mostly full, with not that many freebies. But only because it was a small arena that only holds about 5,000 people. It was also in Canada and the crowd was pretty much only there to see Lance Storm (who ended up jobbing to Jim Duggan in an undercard match) and Bret Hart (who wasn't there at all). They hated Goldberg with a passion, probably due to the Hart stuff, and booed him mercilessly.
  • On his personal website, Mark Madden apologized to Lou Thesz for his comment on Nitro last week where he joked that Lou Thesz beats up women. Madden said he was only joking and that he has a ton of respect for Thesz.
  • Pamela Paulshock apparently injured her ankle doing an angle on Thunder last week. Dave thinks it's bad enough when they have untrained wrestlers in there getting hurt, but now untrained ring announcers are getting hurt too.
  • WCW is pitching an angle for Vampiro to team with singer Billy Idol in a feud against Mike Awesome and David Cassidy, of Partridge Family fame (Never happened but.....yeah. That was a thing evidently).
  • Dave only has a couple of thoughts on this week's Thunder: he begs someone in WCW to PLEASE send Major Gunns to get acting lessons. He also wants someone to save Mike Awesome from a gimmick worse than the Red Rooster. And finally, I guess there's been a lot of commercials for the new Meet The Parents movie and Dave thinks it looks funny.
  • Various WCW notes: DDP is likely being brought back soon, though Kimberly won't be. Nitro Girl Spice was released. She was being groomed to co-host WCW's Saturday morning show, but then the show got canned and they didn't have anything else for her. And after being world champion for a couple of months, WCW has finally decided to start making some Booker T merch. Seems like a good idea to finally get around to. The Harris Twins taped segments for both the Maury Povich and Jenny Jones shows, no word on what they are or when they'll air. Goldberg will be on an episode of The Daily Show this week. Gene Okerlund is expected to be given a grumpy old man gimmick where he swears a lot.
  • Next month might be a surprisingly good month for WCW ticket wise. They have shows in Australia that are expected to do big numbers because Australia is so starved for wrestling that even WCW can do big business there. And they have a PPV in Las Vegas which will do good because the casinos are buying up a lot of tickets to give away.
  • Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner are reportedly being total team players right now, because there's concern that a regime change could come at any time (a lot of people are pushing for Johnny Ace to replace Vince Russo) and they're basically being on their best behavior until they see who their next new boss might be. The only person right now who's really stirring up shit is Goldberg, who is said to be openly pissed about pretty much everything and isn't shy about expressing it (yeah, even Goldberg has since admitted that he was frustrated and probably wasn't very pleasant to be around back then).
  • Scott Hall is expected to return to Nitro next week. Brad Siegel reportedly gave up on fighting with Nash about it and is willing to bring Hall back. Siegel and Hall spoke last week and Hall was basically told this is his last chance and if he fucks up one time, he's gone for good. Of course, Scott Steiner has been told that a dozen times in the past, so you know how that goes (Hall doesn't end up coming back. Not sure if it fell through or Dave got bad info or what, but it never happens).
  • They held a Miss WCW Pageant in Las Vegas last week with Carrot Top as one of the judges and of course there was a bikini contest. Nitro Girl Chae ended up winning over Torrie Wilson, Major Gunns, Baby, Chiquita, Midajah and Stacy Keibler. Pamela Paulshock was supposed to be in it but no-showed due to her ankle injury (there's some good catty drama coming out of this in the next week or two).
  • So the deal with Konnan is....pretty messed up, actually. He had tricep surgery a few months ago and has no business back in the ring yet. But WCW cut his paycheck in half so....he came back and he's wrestling. But here's the problem. The doctors still haven't given him a medical release yet because, well, they're doctors and he's still fucked up. They're like, "" Anyway, because he doesn't have his medical release, WCW is still only giving him half his pay. But they're still allowing him to wrestle. He's hoping to get a medical release this week so he can start getting full checks again. Dave just thinks this whole policy is so screwed up on so many ways.
  • Disqo Inferno has been bringing out some plastic duck to the ring called the Disqo Duck. (I should stop for a second and explain something for the younger readers. R&B singer Sisqo had a HUGE hit called "Thong Song" around this time and WCW, in their infinite wisdom, capitalized by changing the spelling of Disco to Disqo.) Anyway, the duck is fucking stupid and apparently at Nitro this week, Konnan literally handcuffed himself to the duck backstage to try and keep Disqo Inferno from taking it out to the ring. Someone had to try to save him from himself.
  • Jeremy Borash will be doing announcing at this week's Thunder tapings. Dave says there's a lot of heat here because Borash is close to Vince Russo, so he's getting a lot of chances to do things like commentary even though he hasn't really earned it yet and hasn't shown any real aptitude for it. Dave says if Borash ends up replacing one of the main announcers on Nitro, there'll probably be a meltdown.
  • Steve Austin and Debra got married last week in Las Vegas (fun fact: same wedding chapel Triple H and a drugged out Stephanie McMahon got married in. Funner fact: also the same wedding chapel I got married in).
  • The plan for Sunday Night Heat, now that it's moving to MTV, is for it to be more of a humor and skit type show, with a lot of Tom Green-style humor (oh man, 2000 was such a weird time). They want to bring in musical guests and celebrities for it and will do a lot of the stuff from the WWF New York restaurant as well as at MTV's Times Square headquarters.
  • Notes from Raw: a lot of the show was built around trying to seemingly bury Kurt Angle, by turning him into a goofy heel character and implying that he's gay. They showed a lot of footage of him crying at the Olympics and had Triple H make fun of him and all that stuff. Dave thinks it's a pretty weird thing to do one week before the biggest match of Angle's career (he's got a No DQ match with Triple H at next week's PPV) and sure didn't do him any favors for people taking him seriously. Hugh Hefner was on to plug Chyna's upcoming Playboy appearance and Dave thinks it's nice that Playboy and WWF could come together again in the interest of making money after all the nasty legal issues they had with the Sable fallout. And finally, Steve Regal debuted.
  • Since we were talking about WCW's injury policy, Dave decides to let us know what WWF's policy is. A WWF wrestler that is out with an injury receives their downside guarantee. WWF contracts give you a guarantee (say, $300,000 per year for example) but you can make a lot more money on the road because everyone gets a cut of house show gates and PPV revenue and whatnot. So if you're injured and not on the road, you won't get all that extra money, but you still make the $300,000 guarantee. Of course, that leads to the same incentive for guys to sometimes come back before they're ready, because they're losing money by being at home, but from everyone who talks to Dave, there's not nearly as much pressure from the WWF to hurry up and come back as there is in WCW.
  • Various WWF notes: Big Boss Man will be out for a few weeks after having his knee scoped. Grand Master Sexay needed 14 stitches in his ear after getting legit cut from the belt shot on Raw. Tori should be back in Oct. or early November after shoulder surgery. Billy Gunn should be back in a few weeks. Road Dogg's wife had surgery for a collapsed lung so he's out tending to her. Davey Boy Smith was in a motorcycle accident last week and Dave says if you know how many times Smith has been in and out of the hospital this year, it would scare you to death.
  • Four different wrestling promotions have videos in the Billboard Top 20 charts....and none of them are WCW. Of course, WWF is all over the charts with their various releases taking up 12 of the 20 spots. ECW has videos at #5 and #7. XPW, which currently isn't running new shows and doesn't even have a building to run shows in right now, has videos at #12 and #19. And Insane Clown Posse's JCW promotion has a video at #13. All that, but no WCW.
  • Kurt Angle and Taka Michinoku worked a UPW show in California along with a few other WWF developmental signees who started out at the UPW school (I decided to look it up and see who else of note worked that show: Franie Kazarian, Simon Dean, Rocky Romero, Mike Knox, Vic Grimes, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, and John Cena were all on the card. 2000/2001-era UPW had a ton of future stars come through the doors).
  • One of the XFL teams is already moving before it even starts. The San Jose Demons have now been renamed the San Francisco Demons and will be playing in San Fran after negotiations with Spartan Stadium in San Jose fell apart. Dave thinks it might be a bad move. San Jose is a wealthier community with a large population and their hockey and soccer franchises do huge business. San Francisco already has a major team in every sport and he doesn't know if a B-level football team is going to draw as well there as it would have in San Jose. He also notes that in the spring, the weather is a lot warmer in San Jose at night than it is in San Francisco, and California isn't exactly the type of place where people want to sit out in the cold weather at night and watch football games. This isn't Green Bay or Chicago where freezing to death for football is almost a tradition (the cities are, like, an hour apart so I can't imagine the weather is that much different? Although I guess San Francisco is right there on the bay so maybe wind? I dunno. Anyone from the area care to chime in?)
  • A New York newspaper reported that Vince McMahon tried to stop VH1 from airing an episode of "The List" because the show featured appearances by Kevin Nash, Booker T, Scott Steiner, Sting, and other WCW stars. VH1 is owned by Viacom, which now owns 3% of WWF's stock and McMahon decided to try to throw his weight around and get the episode canned. Didn't work and it actually was one of the highest rated episodes of the show ever. But he did succeed in getting VH1 to agree to not air reruns of that episode. A WWF spokesman responded to the story, saying, "It is highly unlikely that took place. It's not something we would do." But of course, you'll note that they didn't outright deny it and the idea that Vince McMahon wouldn't do something like that is laughable since he has a long history of doing exactly that sort of thing.
  • The Slam! Wrestling website wrote an article criticizing the WWF policy of not allowing wrestlers to do interviews with other websites without company approval because they see all other websites as competition to their own site. The article noted they had an interview with Gerald Brisco awhile back and Brisco told them he could talk freely about his pre-WWF years but if it has to do with WWF, he'd have to clear it with the office. Jim Ross responded on his WWF website column, saying not a single interview request has come across their desk from any other wrestling websites. Dave talks about when the policy was put in place and says WWF told him he could still get anyone he wanted to interview on the Observer website, but he would need to go through the office first. Since that time, Dave says he's talked to wrestlers who agreed to appear, but when he tried to get it cleared by the office, it stalled and has been pending approval ever since with no answer sooooooo......
  • WWF is wanting Big Show to drop down to 400 pounds. At his heaviest in WCW he was 505 and currently weighs a legit 480.
  • Someone writes in with a conspiracy theory. He thinks Shane McMahon's death-defying fall from the TitanTron at Summerslam was done to prove a point given the upcoming Owen Hart wrongful death lawsuit, with the idea being that the WWF side can point to it as an example that, "See! Even Vince McMahon's son is sometimes asked to perform stunts like this and they're usually done safely." Dave responds, saying that normally he'd think that's reading too much into things. But the day after Summerslam, several people in WWF as well as a couple of legal experts he talked to all had basically the same theory and said they wouldn't be surprised if it gets brought up in the trial. But time will tell, Dave says.
  • Dave Lagana writes in, talking his experience working on "Friends" and talking about how most TV shows are written by writing teams and how stories are crafted in TV writing rooms and so on and so forth. Basically, it leads to the one big question every writer, booker, and performer should ask themselves: how will the audience react to the long-term story? Not how loud the momentary pop is or how much you were able to swerve the audience with a surprise that doesn't make any sense, etc. The point he's trying to make is that Vince Russo is doing literally everything wrong and he has no idea how to write television. He's also pretty fed up with Russo's constant everything-is-a-shoot booking, where they openly acknowledge scripts and bookers and shit in every segment. He's not the only one.
  • Lots of letters talking about what a total trainwreck WCW is. Russo isn't the only problem. From management to marketing, the ball is being dropped everywhere. None of the stories are coherent. Characters change gimmicks or go from face to heel from week-to-week with no explanation, fans have no idea what's happening. Wrestlers themselves are out of control backstage. Merchandising is dead. Basically, the ship is sinking and the worst part is that nobody seems to care. Everyone is just drilling more holes in the ship. Even when they luck into something that works, they always manage to fuck it up immediately. So there's all that. But also, a lot of piling on Russo from a lot of people who think he's killing the company.
MONDAY: Raw debuts on TNN, Steve Austin returns, ECW not yet cancelled on TNN after all, WWF Unforgiven fallout, and more...
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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Apr. 3, 2000

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-3-2000 1-10-2000 1-17-2000 1-24-2000
1-31-2000 2-7-2000 2-14-2000 2-21-2000
2-28-2000 3-6-2000 3-13-2000 3-20-2000


★★ Be The Match ★★

  • WCW has made the decision to bring back Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo in a last-ditch effort to save WCW. The decision has been in the works for about a month and people are already doubting whether or not the two can co-exist with each other. Dave recaps what led us to this point. First, the group of Bill Busch, Kevin Sullivan, JJ Dillon, and others pretty much pulled the coup last year that got Bischoff canned and Russo was hired soon after. But once it became clear that Russo desperately needs someone to filter his insane ideas, those people also pretty much forced Russo out in favor of Sullivan as the head booker. But the company continued free-falling under Sullivan. Bischoff and Russo had been in talks with Brad Seigel and pitched an idea where they would lead competing factions of older and younger wrestlers fighting over power for the company. Bischoff tried a similar angle to this last year but it never got off the ground because, aside from Ric Flair, none of the older wrestlers (like Savage, Hogan, Piper, etc.) wanted to be portrayed as "old" and didn't want to be forced to put over younger stars that hadn't established themselves. Bischoff was officially hired back into WCW as the head of creative on 3/22, but due to the company losing so much money on his watch last year, he was not given control over the business end of things. Bill Busch informed Siegel that he would quit if Bischoff was brought back, and he made good on his word and walked out when he was told. Bob Mould, a somewhat famous musician who has also been part of WCW's creative and management team, also quit when he heard the news. Kevin Sullivan has been told he's essentially being sent home to sit out the rest of his contract and he no longer has any power either. Sullivan has argued that he was handicapped after inheriting the mess Russo and Bischoff left behind, plus the injuries to Goldberg and Bret Hart, and while that's true, Sullivan never really made any major changes either and it was clear things weren't going to improve with him booking.
  • The initial idea was to cancel this week's TV tapings and shut down for a week and then return on 4/10 with a fresh start and new storylines. But they ended up not cancelling the tapings and as a result, this week's Nitro is expected to be the lowest rated in the show's history. There was also talk of shutting down for several weeks and cancelling next week's PPV, which Dave thinks might not be the worst idea so they can take the time to slap a fresh coat of paint on the company and basically reboot. But it doesn't look like that will happen either. On Nitro this week, the announcers played it up big, labeling Russo as the man who turned WWF around and Bischoff as the one who turned WCW around several years ago and literally calling them the geniuses responsible for the current pro wrestling boom. Dave says you can't argue with Bischoff's initial success. He took WCW, which was in the red for about $6 million per year and turned it into a $200 million dollar company by 1998. But even at their peak, it was clear WCW had no future because they built around stars who were past their prime and never had a focus on creating future stars to sustain that success. WWF capitalized on that failure and by the end of 1999, WCW was back in the red again, way worse than they were before Bischoff took over. After a series of dumb, expensive investments (KISS, Master P, Megadeth, Dennis Rodman the 2nd time, etc.), losing stars like Chris Jericho, and continuing to rely on old 80s relics, and blowing through millions of Turner's dollars with nothing to show for it, the company lost faith in Bischoff's business judgement. At one point, Bischoff just turned the whole thing over to Kevin Nash as the new booker, who seemingly had no interest in doing anything other than pushing himself and his friends, which sunk the company to even further lows.
  • As for Russo, it's true that WWF did pretty huge numbers during the time he became more involved in creative and when he left the company, he did a good job of convincing everyone that he was the genius behind WWF's turnaround. But within a few months of his departure, it became clear just which Vince deserved the credit for WWF's success. WWF never missed a beat when Russo left and TV ratings and house show business continued to increase (and keep in mind, WWF hasn't had Austin or Undertaker for the last 6 months either, plus McMahon has kept himself off TV until recently also). Meanwhile, in WCW, when Russo took over, the company just skidded further off the rails. Russo did play a major part in pushing WWF to move away from the failing family-friendly approach. But really, they pretty much just copied Paul Heyman's formula so...ya know. To be fair to Russo, he seemed to be the only person in WCW who realized how badly the company needed a drastic change and he really did try to push new people like Benoit, Bagwell, and Jarrett to the top. But then he brought back Piper, brought in George Steele and Jimmy Snuka, and booked dangerous angles like the one that got Goldberg injured. He came in with a lot of hype and ratings initially went up a bit out of curiosity, but they quickly plummeted again. He booked a tired rehash of the Montreal Screwjob finish at Starrcade, rendered all the belts meaningless, booked absurd screwjob endings to nearly every match on TV and PPV, and essentially booked the company like a monkey throwing his poop at random. As a result, WCW has now fallen behind ECW in both PPV buyrates and live show attendance and TV ratings have continued to plummet.
  • Here's some cold hard numbers for those Russo supporters out there who still, somehow, defend this guy 20 years later: when Russo took over WCW in Oct. 99, they were averaging 4,628 people per show. By January (his last month in power), average attendance was down to 3,593. Nitro's ratings in Oct. 99 were averaging 3.08. By January, the average was....3.10. Oh, you say! But that's higher! Yes, on paper, 3.10 looks higher than 3.08. But the reality is, during that time, Nitro went from three hours back down to two. On paper, that should have led to a significant increase in the average. If Nitro was still three hours, that 3.10 would be equivalent to a 2.9. So even though it looks like ratings slightly increased on Russo's watch, they actually went down. The loss of that third hour gives the illusion that they didn't. Oh and in Oct. 99, the Halloween Havoc buyrate was 0.52. In January, the PPV buyrate was 0.26. TL;DR - by literally every single metric, WCW business got worse under Vince Russo. But hey, it got even worse since he left, so...take solace in that?
  • Quick note just at press time, it's been reported that they will announce the XFL will air in prime time on NBC due to a deal between Vince McMahon and Dick Ebersol. The two men were business partners back in the 80s and put together Saturday Night Main Event. If this ends up being true, it would be huge for both the XFL and WWF and is expected to play a part in WWF's new TV deal. More on this next week.
  • With Wrestlemania just around the corner, Dave takes a long in-depth look at the biggest annual show in the business. He starts by talking about the 3 biggest annual events in wrestling. NJPW's Jan. 4th Tokyo Dome show has been the biggest wrestling event in the world for much of the last decade since starting in 1992 because NJPW was the biggest and most successful company. But NJPW is struggling these days and WWF has surpassed them as the top company. WCW has Starrcade, but the only year that show was ever the biggest was in 1997 (Sting/Hogan) and never really reached the heights of Wrestlemania or the Tokyo Dome show. From here, Dave recaps the entire history of Wrestlemania. Risking it all on WM1, the Mr. T and Cyndi LaupeMTV crossover promotion, the 3-arena debacle of WM2 (where 2 of the 3 arenas weren't even sold out), WM3 which is the most historically famous wrestling event ever and all the folklore surrounding that ("While the 93,173 number is a work repeated so often even those who should know better believe it's the truth. According to Zane Bresloff, who promoted the event, the actual number in the building was 78,000, but the event did sellout weeks in advance and it is realistic to believe the potential if the building was larger could have been 100,000 tickets," Dave says and I'm sure that won't lead to a tired ass discussion in the comments.) The next 2 WM events at Trump Plaza, which were held because Trump paid for them, hoping to do the same kind of business that major boxing events usually do. But the crowds sucked because they mostly weren't wrestling fans, they were high rolling casino comps. Dave also takes a moment here to detail the history of WWF and Jim Crockett running shows against each other's major events to attempt to hurt them, like Vince creating Survivor Series solely to try to hurt the 1987 Starrcade buyrate, and how Crockett retaliated by airing Clash of the Champions on free TV against WM4 and so on and so forth for the next couple of years. Then there's WM6 with Hogan/Warrior, the WM7 drama with the venue being changed due to low ticket sales and turned out to be a huge flop on PPV. WM8 with over 60,000 fans except a LOT of them were papered and it flopped on PPV. WM9 with Hogan returning to win the title, but it didn't help business and he refused to put Bret over later that year. WM10 with 2 of the greatest WM matches in history, WM11 with Lawrence Taylor, WM12 with the ironman match, WM13 which had the Bret/Austin classic but was the moment WWF hit the bottom of the barrel with the lowest WM buyrate ever, WM14 with Mike Tyson and the crowning of Austin as the new top star which did record business, and finally WM15 which mostly sucked but ended up being the biggest money show in wrestling history...until next week when WM16 inevitably breaks that record. Anyway, Dave goes into more in-depth recap of each Wrestlemania here, but you already know the stories on most of this so I...actually have no idea why I just wrote this big ass paragraph.
  • Last year's Wrestlemania featured Austin/Rock main eventing and broke a bazillion records. This year's plan was originally to do a rematch, with the roles reversed (Austin as heel) but Austin getting injured screwed that up. This year's WM is still expected to become the biggest money grossing event in the history of professional wrestling. As for this year's plans, it's still up in the air. As of a few weeks ago, the plan has always been for Rock to win the title, essentially his coronation as the new top star and face of the company. But that may not happen anymore because Rock is scheduled to film The Mummy 2 movie and will be out for a couple of months soon after Wrestlemania. It's not in the company's best interest to build toward Rock's big moment for an entire year, only to have him win the title and then have to lose it again a month later. The company is pushing the idea that Foley will win and that's what they want everyone to believe, for the big feel good story. Dave thinks the only chance of Triple H retaining will be if Foley turns heel and helps cost Rock the match. Usually a heel retaining the title at Wrestlemania seems like something they'd never do, but Triple H (who was only supposed to be a transitional champion to begin with) has been a huge success as champion and has become a legit main eventer and top star. And Big Show pretty much isn't even in the discussion. Though for what it's worth, Dave says Big Show will probably become the tallest wrestler to ever headline a Wrestlemania, so hey, that's something! Of course, in kayfabe, Andre The Giant was billed at 7'4 (he wasn't) so even though Big Show is legitimately slightly taller than Andre was, they can't admit that without breaking the Andre mystique.
  • Despite all the huge paragraphs above, they're really only 2 stories. I guess this is a slow week because Dave writes huge pieces about a former WCW jobber turned boxer who was exposed for fixing his matches and all the legal issues with that. And then he writes a big historical piece about Frank Gotch that stems from a letter someone wrote the week before. All really interesting stuff, but none of it newsworthy at all.
  • Ratings news, Monday stuff is still the same. Thunder ratings reached a pretty horrible low and bottomed out with the main event of Hulk Hogan vs. Dustin Rhodes doing a terrible 1.91 rating. WWF Sunday Night Heat did a lower than usual rating because the Oscars were on. ECW did a pretty bad rating for the 2nd week in a row and was actually close to their all-time low, which isn't good news and kinda surprising since just a few weeks back, they were reaching all-time highs on TNN.
  • Dave recently ran a poll on the radio show, asking fans which was better*: Wrestling With Shadows or Beyond The Mat? With 37% of the vote, Wrestling With Shadows wins, compared to 21% for Beyond The Mat. The other percentages were people who haven't seen one or the other. What say we, Wreddit?
  • AJPW pulled a huge surprise in their annual Champion Carnival tournament. Jun Akiyama, who was expected to easily make it to the finals of the tournament, ended up losing to Takao Omori in a 7 second match in the very first round. It's the shortest match in AJPW history. It's a single elimination tournament, which means Akiyama has been eliminated. Dave isn't really sure what the plan is here, but it damn sure makes the tournament hard to predict now. He speculates that this means Steve Williams will probably end up in the finals against either Misawa, Kawada, Kobashi, or maaaaybe Vader (Williams didn't make the finals either. It ended up being Kobashi vs. Omori, because AJPW apparently decided to strap a rocket to Omori and try to make a main eventer out of him. Prior to this, it looks like he was just sort of languishing in the midcard).
WATCH: Jun Akiyama vs. Takao Omori - AJPW 2000
  • Oh hey, in the very next paragraph, Dave breaks down the next tournament matches and wonders whether AJPW may end up pushing Omori to the finals in order to try to make him a star (yup).
  • Speaking of Kobashi, he blew his knee out last week and doctors have told him he needs surgery. As anyone who follows AJPW and Kobashi in particular knows, he's naturally ignoring that advice and continuing to wrestle. Because Kobashi.
  • Shawn Michaels will be returning to the ring next week for his own TWA promotion in Texas. Michaels is billing it as his final match, coming out of retirement to face Venom for the TWA title. The match is said to be a "bunkhouse brawl" instead of a regular wrestling match because Michaels has said his back can't stand up to doing a normal match.
  • A website called is going to start airing live matches from FMW online (that seems like it would have sucked with 2000-era internet technology. Anyway, still exists. It's an anime/manga site).
  • Dave recently caught up on some Memphis Championship Wrestling and gives his thoughts on some of the people there. K-Krush has good charisma (that would be R-Truth). Bobcat looks like every other blonde valet (she's most famous for being the Godfather's ho that won the hardcore title). Blue Meanie has lost so much weight that he doesn't even look like the same person. Lance Russell is still an incredible announcer. So on and so forth. Anyway, Dustin Diamond (Screech from Saved By The Bell) appeared yet again, continuing his angle of being obsessed with the Kat which once again led to Screech getting beat down and doing a stretcher job.
  • ECW has a PPV scheduled for next month but have not yet picked a location. Heyman wants to run the show in a new market because the first-time crowds are usually the best. Heyman had negotiated with the Mandalay Bay casino and hotel in Las Vegas to do it there, but the talks fell through. Both Jerry Lynn and RVD are expected to be back from their injuries by then.
  • Notes from the most recent ECW TV taping: Dusty Rhodes came out with 2 strippers who flashed the crowd, but of course that won't air on TV. Cyrus made fun of Mick Foley's "retirement." And the show ended strangely. Sandman and Super Crazy were beat down after the main event and left laying. And....that was supposed to be the end of the show. But the crowd was expecting to be sent home happy and didn't leave and kept chanting for Sandman (who was helped out of the ring, selling an injury) and Raven (who was at the show but didn't work due to illness). Heyman called an audible and sent Mikey Whipwreck out to tell the crowd to leave, which led to Raven making an unplanned run-in to give him a DDT, which is about all he could physically do. Then, with Raven in the ring, the crowd began chanting for Sandman to come back out, so Raven went with it and called for him to come out. But by this point, Sandman was already in the showers and thought he was done for the night and he legitimately didn't want to come back out. Ultimately, he did and he caned Raven to send everyone home happy, but he was upset about it and he had words with Heyman and Raven immediately after backstage.
  • New Jack and Tommy Dreamer will be appearing together in a small role in the CBS TV drama Early Edition.
WATCH: New Jack & Tommy Dreamer on Early Edition
  • Every angle done on WCW TV this week was meaningless because the company is starting over with a clean slate in 2 weeks under Bischoff and Russo. Spring Stampede takes place on the 16th and there are no matches planned as of yet and there won't be until 6 days before the show when WCW resets. Word is Russo will be doing most of the writing. In an interview with, Russo said he hasn't watched a single second of WCW TV since he was relieved of his duties back in January.
  • Notes from Nitro: it was the spring break show, so the crowd at least seemed to be having fun which is a break from normal WCW shows. Someone in the front row had an "I wish I was at Raw" sign that somehow never got confiscated and was there for the entire show on camera. At the very beginning of the show, a woman in the front row flashed Gene Okerlund, leading to him saying, "Young lady, you're very proud of those, aren't you?" on TV. DDP made his big return and pretty much just plugged the Ready To Rumble movie. Sid Vicious missed the show due to a shoulder injury. Dave can understand not wrestling with an injury but Sid is the WCW champion, and Dave thinks he should at least show up and cut a promo or something. But then again, nothing in WCW matters right now until Russo and Bischoff reboot it anyway. Sting and Luger fought onto the beach all the way to the ocean. And to his credit, Hogan did a promo during the show where he really put over Vampiro as the wrestler of the future and later in the main event, he worked against The Wall and allowed Wall to no-sell the leg drop. So kudos to WCW for finally making an effort to push some new people, even if it all gets wiped away in 2 weeks.
  • Notes from Thunder: the show drew 1,700 paid fans. Literally 24 hours earlier, Raw sold out a different arena in the same city for Raw with over 12,500 paid fans. Lots of rumors were going around saying Bobby Heenan had been fired, but he was doing commentary on this show, so obviously that wasn't true. Chris Candido is already doing jobs to Chavo Guerrero so he clearly isn't getting any sort of push after debuting just a couple weeks ago. And no real storyline progression, just tons of hype about what the future for WCW holds under Bischoff and Russo. WCW is basically in a holding pattern right now and nothing matters until the reboot.
  • Hogan appeared on another radio station doing an interview where he buries everybody. He said Bret Hart is in Canada and "can't remember what WCW is." He said DDP was out injured with a broken fingernail and said WCW needs people who will crawl through broken glass with one arm in a sling to sacrifice and get in the ring. He said Kidman needs to start training like Torrie Wilson. He did praise Vampiro again though, so Hogan seems to like him. Anyway, WCW head Bill Busch was on WCW's live internet show and admitted that Hogan has full creative control in his contract and also said that he still has 6 guaranteed PPV main event matches in his deal.
  • Tammy Sytch is expected to make her WCW debut at the Spring Stampede PPV.
  • Variety ran a big story about some marketing changes that WCW is making. New hires to take over various marketing jobs, new marketing strategies and promotions that the company is planning to run, etc. Dave says that's all well and good, but nowhere in the article did it mention the idea of maybe putting on good shows that people want to see. All the marketing geniuses in the world can't save a product as terrible as WCW is right now.
  • Brad Armstrong will be out of action for several months with a knee injury suffered in the dumbest way possible. For some reason, before a show, Armstrong was goofing around in the parking lot with Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis and they decided--just for shits and giggles--to do the ol' famous wrestling angle of hitting someone with their car. You know, one of those dumb "you drive at me, I'll jump up on the hood like the stuntmen do in the movies" type of things. So.....they did it. And now Armstrong needs knee surgery because of course he does (that was pretty much it for him. He never wrestled in WCW again and in fact, he didn't wrestle anywhere for another 4 years before returning to the ring in 2004 and working indie shows periodically until 2011. Died a year later).
  • Les Thatcher's Heartland Wrestling Association have signed a deal with WCW to act as a developmental territory for them. Power Plant wrestlers will go work shows for him for a little while before debuting on WCW TV.
  • Various WCW notes: Mexican wrestlers Halloween and Damian are joining Sonny Onoo's racial discrimination lawsuit against WCW. Although with Bischoff returning to the company, Dave expects this lawsuit to ultimately disappear. Christopher Daniels starts with WCW next week. Dave thinks he has a ton of potential. Some people within the company are pushing for Shane Douglas to return. Konnan's suspension ends this week so he should be back soon.
  • The legal red tape behind the scenes on WWF's new TV deal is still being sorted out. The FCC is expected to allow the Viacom purchase of UPN to go through, which will mean Viacom will own 2 networks (CBS and UPN) which used to be against the law but that's being changed now. Those in the TV industry pretty much believe this to be a done deal. The news has boosted WWF stock up to $17.31 per share (as I write this, WWF just announced the new FOX deal for Smackdown, which boosted the stock up to damn near $60 per share)(10/24 update: currently $80.64).
  • The Rock was on Jay Leno's Tonight Show recently and movie critic Roger Ebert appeared also. Ebert told Rock that he has talent and told him to get into acting and get as far away from wrestling as he can. Rock laughed it off and said he was working on it.
  • Notes from Smackdown: it was in San Antonio and a tag team called American Force 2000 worked a dark match. The team consists of two trainees from Shawn Michaels' wrestling school, Spanky and American Dragon. Lots of cool high spots but they weren't very fluid and screwed some stuff up. They also hyped up the Shawn Michaels vs. Venom match next week in TWA for the live crowd.
  • A lot of the WWF wrestlers are using new entrance music right now to promote the new WWF Aggression CD. It's basically rap remixes of everyone's theme music and Dave thinks it sucks because the fans don't know these songs. So now even when the Rock is making his entrance, the crowd doesn't pop because it's an unfamiliar. Luckily it's temporary and they'll go back to the real versions eventually. Speaking of, WWF The Music Vol. 4, which was released 6 months ago, is still hanging on in the top 200 charts. It's at #152 this week and sold over 10,000 copies. In 2018, any album that is still moving 10k copies six months after it came out would be the best selling album of the year.
  • WWF claims they have enough money set aside to fund the XFL for at least 3 seasons. They're hoping to expand to 16 teams by 2005. WWF has once again emphasized that they will own all the teams and aren't interested in outside investors. They also again promised that this is going to be legit and the games won't be fixed. Advertisers are said to be hesitant, because they don't have a lot of hope that this whole XFL thing is going to succeed.
  • Shawn Michaels is said to be itching to get back on television in the WWF, but right now, they have no interest. Business is booming so much these days and they've attracted so many new fans in just the last year or two alone that Michaels isn't considered a top star anymore and WWF doesn't feel the need to use him in any way.
  • USA Today ran a story about Mick Foley's alleged last match coming up at Wrestlemania. Foley was quoted as saying, "I was much more successful and, going over my taxes now, obviously a lot more profitable being more of a comedy character in 1999 than I ever was being the King of Hardcore. If I'd known I could make more money making people laugh than making people wince, I'd have done it a long time ago." He also said that if it hadn't been for Austin getting injured, he would have retired last year. He said he hated going back on his word so soon after he retired and says he spent 20 minutes trying to talk Vince McMahon out of bringing him back for the match. But ultimately, he admitted that the money was too much to turn down. "It may take some people a while to forgive me, but not as long as it would take me to forgive myself if I didn't do this. Realistically, it's probably going to be the most money that I've ever made. So 15 years from now, when everyone has forgiven me, my kids' college will be taken care of." But Foley super duper swears this time that Wrestlemania will be his final match. "By leaving now, I'm probably giving up on the most profitable year in my career. But I was named after Mickey Mantle. I grew up hearing about how Mickey Mantle stuck around one season too long. I didn't want people to make the same comments about Mickey Foley."
FRIDAY: Wrestlemania 16 fallout, XFL/NBC partnership, Vince Russo gives interview full of bullshit, New Jersey attempting to ban extreme wrestling, and more...
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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Jun. 28, 1999

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
PREVIOUS YEARS ARCHIVE: 19911992199319941995199619971998
1-4-1999 1-11-1999 1-18-1999 1-25-1999
2-1-1999 2-8-1999 2-15-1999 2-22-1999
3-1-1999 3-8-1999 3-15-1999 3-22-1999
3-29-1999 4-5-1999 4-12-1999 4-19-1999
4-26-1999 5-3-1999 5-10-1999 5-17-1999
5-24-1999 5-31-1999 6-7-1999 6-14-1999
  • A week later and it's even less clear what WCW hoped to accomplish by putting Sable on Nitro. It did nothing for the ratings, either that week or the following. All it has done is strengthen WWF's case against WCW in the ongoing antitrust lawsuit. WCW is claiming that she bought a ticket and just happened to show up to their show, which is bullshit that nobody is buying, especially since she was sitting front row with security guards on either side of her and then repeatedly shown in close-up shots on camera. Plus, she didn't show up until more than an hour into the show and then left soon after being shown on camera. Sable's explanation was even dumber, as she was quoted in USA Today saying, "I wanted to see if the same level of obscenity was taking place. It was not." Anyway, all WCW employees were told not to mention her name, even her real name, on air but they had pictures of her on the WCW website after Nitro aired and one of them referred to her as Sable. WCW immediately removed the photos the next day but everything is forever on the internet so you know how that goes. WWF lawyer Jerry McDevitt spoke with WCW's lawyers and threatened to file a federal lawsuit against WCW and is investigating whether or not Sable was paid for her appearance (WCW lawyers refused to answer that question). Sable appearing on WCW TV like she did is a blatant violation of her WWF contract and WWF has made it clear that under no circumstances will they give up the rights to the name Sable, with McDevitt saying, "She can sue us till the cows come home and she's not going to get it." The rights to the name are especially important for her right now due to her upcoming Playboy issue, which is due out in August. Without WWF signing off on it, Playboy can't promote her as "Sable" which is going to be a huge blow to sales of the magazine (and especially considering WWF isn't promoting it on TV at all).
  • Sable has gotten a lot of publicity out of the lawsuit, appearing on various shows and doing media interviews, mostly trashing the WWF and calling it obscene. Dave notes that Sable's credibility in this is lacking, since she willingly participated in the obscene behavior for years and in fact was one of the leading stars of it and benefited enormously from it. Furthermore, over the years, she has done countless interviews defending WWF against media outlets who called the product obscene (unlike Owen Hart, who was on the record in the past admitting he didn't like the direction of the company). It really looks like Sable had no problem with the on-screen obscenity until she started having a contract dispute. Jerry McDevitt says there's no truth to Sable's claim that she signed her contract under duress or that Jim Ross threatened to fire her if she didn't sign immediately. That being said, nobody in WWF has denied her allegations that they wanted her to "accidentally" lose her top on TV, which is pretty sketchy and, along with other sexual harassment allegations, it makes it hard to look at WWF as an innocent victim here. In a USA Today story, Vince McMahon responded by basically trying to blame all of this negativity on WCW, which is obviously absurd, saying, "I think that opportunists such as our competitor are really behind a lot of all of this negativity. They don't know how to compete with us, and in essence what they're trying to do is beat the drums of negativity, hoping that, in some way, that is going to hurt the organization or hurt our fans."
  • Of course, WWF is also facing a major lawsuit from the family of Owen Hart. One of the Hart family lawyers is a Kansas City attorney named Gary C. Robb who is recognized as one of the best lawyers in America and is known for winning record-high settlements in several major cases. In one 1995 case, he got a verdict of $350 million for his clients following a helicopter crash, which is the highest liability jury verdict in U.S. history. Soooo...not great news for WWF (spoiler: he ends up getting Hart's family $18 million, which was also a record for that sort of case, but we'll get there eventually). WWF is just one of many parties named in the suit (the stunt people, the arena people, the harness manufacturers, and more). The lawsuit alleges negligence, failure to provide proper equipment, failure to provide proper training, failure to follow basic safety procedures, etc. For what it's worth, after the incident, the NBA banned having mascots come down from the ceiling. Eric Bischoff hasn't said for sure if they're going to ban it or not, but they don't plan to lower Sting from the ceiling anytime soon again. Famous O.J. Simpson lawyer Johnnie Cochran appeared on a TV show and sided with the Hart family and blamed WWF for the accident. McDevitt responded, basically telling Cochran to fuck off and saying that the whole thing was just a tragic accident and that in the entire history of the WWF, Owen Hart was the first time a wrestler has ever died in the ring.
  • Oh, we're not done. Bassam Al Othman, the host of Good Morning Kuwait, filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against WWF related to Vader roughing him up on TV back in 1997. Jerry McDevitt called it a "silly lawsuit" and accused Othman of trying to pile on to WWF while they're facing the Hart and Sable lawsuits. Othman is particularly upset that WWF aired footage of Vader roughing him up on TV.
  • Konnan was quoted in a newspaper article saying some stuff about WCW that got him in a lot of hot water with Eric Bischoff. Konnan was quoted saying, "You have a lot of wrestlers that wield a lot of power. If you don't conform or be part of their clique, if you're not drinking or training with them, you get cut out. That's just bad business." Konnan also said that in the past, Bischoff had become intolerable and condescending to people, but that Bischoff had been trying to be better lately. Regardless, the comments infuriated Bischoff and he and Konnan had a loud screaming argument at each other backstage at Nitro, with Bischoff particularly upset that Time-Warner executives might see the quote and start wondering what's going on backstage that they don't know about.
  • There's been an extreme lack of 5-star matches in recent years, but we finally got one! Misawa vs. Kobashi for the Triple Crown title in AJPW is a strong front-runner for match of the year and Dave gives it the full 5 (and yes, this ends up winning match of the year, making it 2 years in a row that Misawa and Kobashi win that award). Kobashi ended up getting his nose destroyed and had surgery 5 days later to repair it and was supposed to take a month off, but he's already announced he'll be back on the next tour starting next week, because Kobashi.
WATCH: Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Kenta Kobashi - AJPW, 6-11-99
  • Hayabusa is expected to be unmasked soon. They're doing an angle where FMW's heel commissioner is telling him he can't wear his mask anymore. The real reason is because Hayabusa is so broken down from injuries that he knows he needs to change his in-ring style and the idea is for him to become more of a ground-based wrestler and he wants to unmask and basically change his character entirely (he briefly wrestles under the name H for awhile, unmasked, before eventually returning to the Hayabusa gimmick).
  • Antonio Inoki is bringing back the Big Van Vader gimmick and giving it to some new guy named Sylvester Terkay who works in Inoki's UFO promotion. If you recall, there was a big lawsuit deal in the early 90s because Inoki owned the rights to the name "Big Van Vader" and the smoking headgear thing. That's why the real Vader dropped the "Big Van" part of his name and stopped using the smoking helmet. Dave thinks trying to give this classic gimmick to a green rookie is a terrible idea (this dude dabbled in WWE for a minute back in 2006ish but never amounted to anything beyond that).
  • The ECW/TNN deal still hasn't been finalized. There may have been a snag due to Rob Van Dam's recent interview in High Times magazine where he talks about smoking pot, which the TNN people evidently weren't thrilled with. But it doesn't seem to be that big a deal and ECW is still expected to finalize a deal with TNN soon, with the first episode of ECW on TNN likely debuting in August. There's no word on how this will all work out as far as tapings go or what can be shown where (there's going to be issues with TNN not allowing ECW to air any of the TNN-show footage on their syndicated shows). Either way, ECW is basically coasting right now because they don't want to shoot any big angles or start any new storylines until the national show debuts. When that happens, the plan is to push Van Dam as the top star and eventually build to him winning the ECW title.
  • Christopher Daniels debuted in ECW in a match with Super Crazy and everyone there reported that it was the best match of the show, but Paul Heyman didn't like it for some reason and decided not to air it on TV. Anyway, after the match, Daniels cut a promo saying that if you're 200 pounds and from Mexico they call you a Luchador, if you're 200 pounds and from Japan they call you an international superstar, but if you're 200 pounds and American, you get a needle in your ass as quick as you can.
  • ECW had their first ever show in Chicago this week which was a big success with a sold out crowd of 3,000. There was one part that almost went bad. A fan threw a chair in the ring, leading to Bubba Ray Dudley leaving the ring and going into the crowd after the fan, but luckily, nothing happened. Also, Sabu did a run-in at the end of the show. That doesn't sound like a big deal until you hear this part: Sabu was on a tour with FMW in Japan. He flew from Tokyo to Chicago, just to do the run-in on the ECW show, then immediately flew back to Japan to finish the FMW tour (having read every issue of the Observer from this decade, I'm convinced that there wasn't a harder working guy in the business during the 90s than Sabu, especially earlier in the decade).
  • ECW wanted to bring in Vader to put over Taz at the upcoming PPV, but it's not happening. Due to his deal with AJPW, they want Vader to be kept strong and won't allow him to do any jobs elsewhere. ECW wants to find big name stars who will put over Taz clean and Vader was willing to do it, but since AJPW won't let him, it won't be happening.
  • There's a new promotion starting up in California called Xtreme Pro Wrestling, that is co-founded by male porn staproducers Tom Byron and Rob Zicari, who performs as Rob Black. The promotion is expected to heavily feature porn stars from their companies.
  • WCW's Great American Bash PPV did a 0.43 buyrate, making it the 5th lowest PPV buyrate in WCW history. Considering how hot wrestling (well, WWF) is right now in the mainstream, that's a pretty horrific number.
  • Goldberg appeared on the Dennis Miller Show on HBO this week and a few days prior to the show, Bischoff had a meeting with Goldberg's agent Barry Bloom because there was significant concern over what Goldberg might say, since the two sides are still at pretty heated odds over Goldberg's contract situation right now. Anyway, Goldberg didn't say anything bad and Dennis Miller was actually really defensive of wrestling, talking about taking his son to a WCW show and how nice everyone was. He didn't seem to understand the whole promotional war though and he brought up Steve Austin, but Goldberg just sorta changed the subject. He did complain about the schedule, but never complained about WCW directly. Others weren't as nice. In a recent radio interview, Hulk Hogan was interviewed and although he didn't name Goldberg by name, he referenced him, saying there was a guy in the company who was given a huge push but didn't have much experience and now he's self-destructing before their eyes. Okay Hulk, sure.
  • WCW has pretty much given up on trying to re-sign Chris Jericho and have all but accepted that he's leaving when his contract runs out soon. Dave says it's basically because certain people have gotten in other peoples' ears and convinced WCW that Jericho isn't worth it and that he's never drawn money. Dave thinks Jericho, along with Goldberg, have potential to be two of WCW's most marketable stars in the future if they were positioned right but hey, what does Dave know? Anyway, the only real pitch WCW has given to Jericho is they want to put him in a young guys vs. old guys feud, with people like Jericho feuding with Flair. Of course, that isn't really a promotion for Jericho, it's mostly just a way to move Flair down to midcard (also, Randy Savage shot down the idea of being involved in the angle because he doesn't want to be seen as an old guy). As for WWF, they're basically promising to push Jericho as the next Shawn Michaels.
  • Arn Anderson is said to be uncomfortable with the fact that WCW has brought Sid Vicious back, but is willing to go along with it and do business. When asked about it, Eric Bischoff had this to say: "It became clear to me he has matured over the past five years. He realizes he made mistakes in and out of the ring and recognizes the tremendous opportunity he has here. So far, he has conducted himself very professionally. I've got all the confidence in the world that he's learned from his mistakes... If it doesn't work out, Sid's options are really limited. I think he's matured to the point that he understands that."
  • Kevin Nash was said to be pretty upset about Sable being at ringside during his promo on Nitro last week, since it completely took the focus off him and the crowd spent the entire time chanting for her during his segment.
  • WCW hopes Bret Hart will return at the July 5th Nitro at the Georgia Dome. Dave thinks Hart has the potential to come back as a huge babyface, but then again, he should have been the biggest babyface in the world when he debuted in WCW last year after the Screwjob, but they botched that so don't hold your breath. It's possible Hart may not be back by then, because Bischoff told him to take all the time he needs in the wake of Owen's death. Hart has been telling people that he's not sure if he's going to wrestle again, although most people still think he will.
  • WCW was going to bring in rap group Naughty By Nature to perform at the Georgia Dome Nitro, but Master P flexed some muscle and got it nixed (as a lifelong hip hop fan, this is the most random shit ever. Also, I never heard anything about those guys having beef and in fact, I think Master P was featured on a NBN song around this time. So I'm gonna assume this is a case of Dave maybe getting one wrong here).
  • Notes from WCW Nitro at the Superdome in New Orleans: the show drew a little over 15,500 fans paid. They were looking to be in the 13-14,000 range but sales surged slightly once Master P (who's from New Orleans) got added to the show and they sold an extra 2,000 tickets or so. Master P was telling people last week that him in WCW would sell out the Superdome and, well, so much for that. Eddie Guerrero returned, after a 7-month absence, to absolutely zero fanfare. Dave says Eddie was noticeably slow and seemed hesitant in the ring since it was his first match back. The No Limit rappers were all over the show and it all pretty much sucked.
  • Random WCW Notes: Scott Steiner's back has been in terrible shape lately and there's rumors he may not be able to keep wrestling much longer. Bam Bam Bigelow has been getting epidurals to drain excess fluid out of his spine. Referee Charles Robinson has 4 cracked vertebrae in his upper back from Randy Savage doing the elbow drop on him a few weeks back. Steve Regal has been training at the WCW Power Plant. There's also an impressive tag team at the Power Plant named Shannon Moore and Shane Helms who have worked some indies.
  • Curt Hennig's anti-rap redneck group is actually getting over with WCW crowds even though they're supposed to be heels. WCW is aware of it and not happy about it, and they're planning to bring in Willie Nelson to film a vignette with Hennig, where Hennig tries to buddy up to Willie but gets shot down. They want country music fans to also think Hennig's group is uncool. (Trying to promote a redneck group against a group of rappers to their mostly southern fanbase. How did they think this was gonna go?)
  • Dusty Rhodes returned to doing commentary for WCW Saturday Night and Dave says it was gruesome. "I need a damn thesaurus to keep finding new words to describe WCW," he adds.
  • Chris Jericho did some concerts with a band called Fozzy Osbourne in Atlanta. Jericho was the lead singer and people said he was good. Then Dave drops a classic deadpan Dave-joke: "He said both rap and country suck and heavy metal rules. If he could have kept his drug problems under control he'd have probably been the best worker in the business by this point. That's Heavy Metal, not Jericho I'm talking about."
  • WWF Raw Notes: Kurt Angle beat Matt Hardy in a dark match. Al Snow picked his nose and ate the booger. Prince Albert wore panties. The Rock is really over.
  • WWF is claiming that they want to sell their Las Vegas hotel and casino because they can't renovate it to be an arena that they could hold events at, and that they're planning to buy a bigger hotel somewhere in Vegas. But a lot of people are saying the real reason is that WWF just doesn't want to admit that they made a mistake and way overpaid for this shitty hotel and now they're just trying to dump it and be rid of it. There's no plans to actually buy another hotel in Vegas, that's just to save face.
  • Random WWF notes: Brian Christopher needs major knee surgery and will be out the rest of the year. Mick Foley is also working on his autobiography while he recovers from knee surgery. Expect Rock and Austin biographies to come out later this year also.
  • Steve Austin was going to go on the Jay Leno show to respond to Goldberg's challenge awhile back but when WWF informed Leno's people that Austin would be turning down the challenge, they cancelled it. Leno only wanted him on the show if he was going to accept and obviously that's not happening.
  • Letters this week are mostly about Owen Hart and Sable. The usual, people remembering him, then picking sides. Who's to blame, why Vince is the devil, so on and so forth. There's also several letters about Sable's lawsuit, sadly all of which have pretty much the same theme: she paraded around half-naked on TV, she posed for Playboy so she's basically a whore, she knew what she signed up for, she should shut up, WWF made her who she is, etc.
WEDNESDAY: King of the Ring fallout, Hogan goes on Larry King's show to tell lies for an hour, Vince McMahon makes the media rounds, and more...
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The Unofficial Timeline for 7 Days To Die

I started working on this months ago, and stopped a day later, then picked it up recently because I wanted to finish it. While it's mentioned below, I'd like to say it here: I know that this might be a mess, and not everybody will like it. But that's the fun of it all; it's not official, and will never be official, so it's fun to create stuff or imagine what happened that hasn't been explained yet. Whether you enjoy it or hate it, I had fun doing this! :)
BCE-April 24, 1986 CE: History is unchanged.
April 25
- A nuclear inspection team arrives at Chernobyl, the negligence they discover and resolve in reference to a soon-to-occur safety test is ruled as 'criminal' by the Russian government due to the estimated damage that would've occurred if the test had gone through. As a result, the true danger of Nuclear Meltdown does not set into the psychology of first world countries and they continue with lax construction of reactors.
January 1
- Y2K occurs in computers across the planet. Multiple systems are permanently fried, pushing technology back several years. DIVERGENCE occurs.
- The United States Of America grants Puerto Rico statehood. The flag now carries 51 stars.
June 9
- A meeting is held at the United Nations in New York to discuss political tensions between North Korea following the death of Kim Jong Un seven months prior. A 19-6 vote is enacted to increase security at the Korean Demilitarized Zone.
October 7
- North Korea attempts an attack on soil with the launch of four ballistic missiles aimed at Guam and Hawaii. Three are confirmed duds; the fourth strikes Guam’s Tamuning. Thousands are killed in the attack. Minutes later, the United States launches three ballistic missiles; all three successfully strike the capital of Pyongyang, killing several thousand people in its limits, including NK leader Kim Ju-ae. South Korea and Japan experience one of the largest refugee crises in human history. This leads to a depression in the region that lasts several years.
October 22
- A local group known as the Woodstock Militia form in the United States, their goals claiming to be “nothing more but the peace among man.” Their numbers grow over several years, expanding beyond North America.
October 23
- Backyard Bunks, a company set on the construction of backyard fallout shelters, is successfully funded and founded in Manchester, England by US expatriate Donovan Clarke, beginning construction immediately.
September 2
- A Woodstock peace rally in Iraq is ambushed, leading to dozens of rally-goers dead or missing. An investigation discovers collusion between some members and a terror group known as the COG, or Caliphate Of Glory. The WM is banned from Iraq as a result “until further notice.”
December 22
- The United Nations begin talks on expanding territory further into the North Korean ruins. China argues against it.
December 30
- Talks at the United Nations ends with the UNSC voting 17-8 on territorial expansion through the North Korean ruins. China warns against this.
March 27
- US expansion into the North Korean ruins begin, expecting to take a total of 18 months to succeed. Protests occur near the border. Later in the evening, a brief riot breaks out, leading to the death of a Korean Border Security Officer and several arrests.
April 1
- China sanctions the United States. As a result, the US sanctions back. The Trade War, as it is simply called, begins.
- Stocks in Chinese trade fall soon after.
August 13
- Backyard Bunks expands into the United States, quickly gaining popularity in major cities, with several hundred requests in just that single day.
September 11
- A terrorist scare occurs in Washington, D.C., after a vehicle was pulled over containing a homemade nuclear weapon. The bomb was successfully deactivated and disposed of properly.
September 19
- China begins underground nuclear testing in a remote region of the country, prompting fears in the United States and Japan of potential military action.
- Coincidentally, hours prior, Russia also announced that they would resume nuclear testing 18 years after it was discontinued.
September 29
- Lucky Larry’s, one of the largest casinos in the midwestern United States, opens to the public in the city of Gravestown, Arizona.
- A mass shortage of functioning antibiotics leads to an outbreak of Cholera in India, killing 3 million from December to January 2034, where it is eventually placed under control with international aid.
- Due to the Trade War, the United States experiences what is called “The Year Without Christmas.”
December 19
- United States scientists work with the United States military with the creation of a contagion with the intent to overwhelm enemy territories. Early testing is a failure.
- Nuclear plants undergo a worldwide reconstruction effort to improve performance and defend against large-scale man-made attacks. Very few nuclear plants are completed.
January 2
- Seven bodies are discovered in the Cascade Range. All of them are mauled, covered in human bite marks, leading to rumors of a cannibal group nearby. Law enforcement denied these claims.
January 10
- The United States cancels the remaining expansion into the North Korean ruins, stationing soldiers as far as the city of Wonsan. China lifts few of the sanctions; the United States follows suit, but the Trade War persists.
January 11
- Construction of bunkers by BB in all Las Vegas hotels are complete.
March 18
- China ceases its nuclear testing temporarily, out of fear of radiation leaking into neighboring territories. Russia continues its nuclear testing.
March 19
- Midterm elections begin in the United States.
June 7
- Chinese President Chen-Chi is assassinated while on a trip in the United States. The United States is immediately blamed for her death. Many terror groups across the world claim responsibility. Some say this was a tactic to prevent any retaliation by China.
June 11
- China, upon full belief that the United States is responsible for the death of former president Chen-Chi, declares war on America.
- World War III, or simply known as “The War,” occurs as late as 6:18 PM EST. It is unknown precisely who fired first, but blame rests solely on China.
6:15 PM
- The Integrated Operational Nuclear Detection System (IONDS) detects seven nuclear ballistic missile launches from an unknown location.
6:17 PM
- NORAD confirms all seven launches. USAF enters DEFCON 1, prompting immediate takeoff of all available bombers. Several of them head for China, believed to be the sole cause.
6:18 PM
- POTUS authorizes full-scale retaliation. Several US ballistic missiles are launched.
- The War commences. China denies any action against the United States, despite their declaration of war the day before, but are bombed shortly after. The United States preps a full-scale invasion scenario into China. The seven immediate nuclear missiles are destroyed. Several more are launched from ocean level, believing to be submarine-based launches. Three of them reach the west coast of the United States. Several submarines are destroyed by military response.
6:23 PM
- Los Angeles is struck by two nuclear warheads several seconds apart. Few of the city’s skyscrapers collapse from the shockwave and sheer force of the explosions.
- News quickly spreads across the nation, confirming the detonation of nuclear weapons in Los Angeles. Panic spreads nationwide as people try to evacuate. Highways quickly go into gridlock, forcing people to escape on foot. Several people take shelter in several bunkers, only to quickly fill up.
- Divisions of the US Armed Forces are deployed in several cities to assist in the evacuation.
6:28 PM
- Seattle and San Diego are hit by two separate nuclear warheads.
- The San Diego warhead was not a head-on strike, instead striking closer towards the outskirts, nearest to the highways. Most on the highway were killed in the immediate blast, while those in the inner city survived.
- Thirty-two more ballistic missiles are confirmed launched from China as retaliation. Many of them strike the west coast and further inland. The midwestern US (Colorado) all the way to the east coast is spared from ballistic strikes due to NORAD’s immediate response.
6:30 PM
- Gravestown is devastated by two consecutive nuclear strikes. The majority of Navezgane County is spared the immediate effects of the detonations.
6:30-8:00 PM
- Six more nuclear warheads breach past NORAD defenses from China, striking Portland, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and even reaching Austin, Texas.
8:00 PM
- No further nuclear launches from China. Birds are in the air and are headed for China. Cities affected/destroyed are Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Xi’an.
- Over the next five days, the USAF is deployed across the United States and throughout China. Martial law is declared in the US, and POTUS is relocated to the Mount Weather Communications Shelter on June 14.
9:58 AM EST
- A van containing a nuclear weapon is detonated in the US capitol. Armed forces are sent to assist the injured and dying.
- NORAD detects several Russian submarines off the east coast of the US. DEFCON 1 is once again in effect, formerly set to DEFCON 2.
10:10 AM
- Russian aircraft arrives in Washington, D.C., dropping soldiers across the city with the intent to take over the White House and overthrow the president. It is revealed the president is hidden away.
- Evacuations are set for the unaffected areas of the city. Several Russian soldiers kill people attempting to flee the city limits.
10:14 AM
- POTUS and NORAD authorize launch of four ballistic missiles targeted at Moscow, Russia.
10:16 AM
- Four ballistic missiles are launched from the United States towards Russia.
- USAF continues to evacuate the outer regions of Washington, D.C.
10:17 AM
- ­A second nuclear weapon is detonated in the capitol, killing millions. It is unknown who detonated it or where it was detonated.
10:19 AM
- Russia retaliates by launching seven nuclear ballistic missiles targeting New York, Washington, Orlando, Boston, and Atlanta.
10:22 AM
- The United States launches nine more nuclear missiles targeting several Russian cities.
- Several Russian planes fly over the skies across the eastern seaboard attempting to drop soldiers with the intent on invasion. Many of them are shot down, their soldiers killed in their parachutes, regardless of the Geneva Convention.
10:25 AM
- Two Russian bombers drop three nuclear warheads onto Columbus, Ohio, destroying the city entirely. The resulting EMP causes the planes to crash, killing all onboard.
- Poland, France, and the United Kingdom join the conflict, firing their own missiles at Russia and China.
- Several Russian planes touch down in Detroit, Michigan, assuming complete control of the city over several hours.
10:40 AM
- Moscow is struck by two of three nuclear warheads, one failing to detonate. The other nine launches strike other Russian cities, including Saint Petersburg, Omsk, and Samara.
11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
- New York City, Orlando, Boston, and Philadelphia are hit by nuclear warheads and sustain heavy damage. Russia retaliates against Poland, the United Kingdom, and France with nuclear launches targeting them respectively. London, Paris, Nice, Manchester, Warsaw, and Marseille are all struck.
- Many refugees within the United States flee towards the center of the country, residing within the countryside and avoiding major cities. Denver, Oklahoma, and Houston—to name a few—are mostly deserted, with many vehicles remaining on the roads, forever trapped in gridlock.
- The east and west coasts are in complete blackout, a result of the EMPs created by the nuclear detonations.
- China has gone quiet in all military aspects. US soldiers in the region have confirmed that survivors are surrendering.
- Russia invades sections of the UK and Italy, expanding their territory with the intent to take control of more military weaponry. At the same time, their government no longer exists. Many survivors in the affected regions panic; the country is in absolute turmoil, with riots occurring everywhere.
- The northern area of Manhattan is mostly unaffected by the blast, but the radiation has killed most of the people in the vicinity. Cars are left running, filled with the corpses of those who succumbed while trying to escape. Bodies of USAF soldiers can be found as well.
- Riots break out in the few US cities still densely populated. Martial law is further enforced.
- The Blackout occurs: Many power plants within the affected regions are abandoned or destroyed. A rolling blackout occurs across most of North America. Very few cities still hold access to electricity.
June 14
- Radiation from the seaboards begins to seep into water systems and streams, which will begin to irradiate and pollute most major water sources across the country in the coming weeks.
- Patients in hospitals across the United States begin to die by the millions as backup power fails.
- Order starts to break down across several areas in the mid-US.
- Several more nations join into the conflict, firing their weapons at Russia and China.
- A global, limited nuclear exchange occurs. Action between nations is limited to several minutes. Detonations occur over three hours. 49 nations are confirmed affected or destroyed by the exchange. Very few nations remain unaffected or functioning, such as Africa, Australia, regions of South America, and parts of the central US. The rest struggle or collapse from radiation or economic failure.
June 15
- An undetonated nuclear warhead in Moscow suddenly explodes. Millions are killed in an instant. Remnants of Russian missile command see this as an attack and immediately fire twelve more nuclear missiles. They launch in random directions.
- Poland is hit again. England is hit again, London is devastated. Paris is struck again, causing the collapse of the famed Eiffel Tower. Uganda, Africa is struck, leading to them retaliating against Russia.
- The United States is once again hit by Russian warheads. New York’s north side is hit, killing millions of survivors. Washington, D.C. is hit again. NORAD nearly shoots down all of them. One surviving missile strikes Kansas City, devastating it in moments.
- After this day, no further nuclear missiles are launched from any nation. Communications break down across the world. The Great Silence begins.
June 16
- The War ends. Two-and-a-half billion people are dead. Many more are injured and dying; the death toll is expected to climb another billion over several months.
- Several countries drop communications, either intentionally or unintentionally. The United States, for two weeks, is isolated from the rest of the world except for Canada and remnants of Mexico.
June 18
- Radiation has seeped into the water systems of many inhabited US cities. People are poisoned and begin to die. USAF remnant soldiers begin to ration food and water to the population.
- NORAD is abandoned, its surviving crew scattering across the mid-US.
- Surviving members of the Woodstock Militia regroup in Denver with the intent to boost morale across the surviving states.
- Navezgane County, Arizona regains contact with the mid-US states. Several other counties of other western states soon do the same. Navezgane’s climate is heavily altered. Snowy regions plague the mountains, while plant-life blooms elsewhere. The area surrounding Gravestown is abandoned, filled with the bodies of war victims and populated with survivors, who are only now emerging from their bunkers with the intent on beginning a cleanup effort.
June 20
- Cleanup attempts begin across remnants of the nation with the help of USAF. The president is relocated to Denver, Colorado and addresses the nation to his best extent.
July 2-5
- The United States is divided into three sections: The States, The West Wasteland, and The East Wasteland.
- USAF members return from overseas after weeks of silence. Many have died from radiation poisoning and were buried in China.
- Survivors from neighboring countries, including China and Russia, begin to appear on shorelines as they make their way to the States. Very few are turned away. Many Chinese and Russian survivors surrender, only to be taken in and sheltered. It is from these survivors that the extent of the damage from the war is revealed. Russia’s economy collapsed in a matter of days, whereas China’s economy “seemingly collapsed the moment the very first bomb touched down.”
- People begin farms in their own backyards, planting gardens and producing crops.
July 5-16
- Power plants across the States are restored; the lights turn back on across the country, even in areas across the Wastelands. Navezgane County’s power is restored. Some power plants have melted down in recent weeks, irradiating parts of North America for thousands of years.
- The Great Meltdown occurs, a period in which power plants across the world experience near-simultaneous meltdowns as a result of abandonment and lack of maintenance. Several European countries are irradiated, millions killed.
- Japan’s nuclear plants melt down; those who were unable to flee die quickly of radiation poisoning.
- Hawaii is spared from the radioactive cloud, which eventually reaches North America by early August.
- The west coast of North America is devastated by radioactivity from the GM. Those not already killed by the war are killed by the cloud.
- Alaska is spared from the radioactive cloud.
- The majority of South America is spared from the radioactive cloud, but its west coast is devastated.
- Most of Europe is devastated. Those who are able to escape are forced underground.
- The world truly becomes isolated. Two billion more die during the Great Meltdown. Three-and-a-half billion survivors remain on Earth.
- The States are spared from the radioactive cloud that covers the majority of the planet.
- Very few places on the coastlines are spared from the radioactive cloud, such as Navezgane County.
- Many cities lie dead, full of the remains of the people who used to live there.
- An outbreak of Cholera occurs in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A mixture of radioactive and infected water leads to 100,000+ dead, an eighth of its population.
- A mutation via radiation exposure leads to the full-blown outbreak of V-713, or known more as the Muerto contagion in North America.
August 4
- Cases of an unknown pathogen are reported in Navezgane and several other spots of land across the western board. Reports of infection are heard in Albuquerque and Sante Fe, New Mexico, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Denver, Colorado. Due to recent outbreaks of Cholera and other dangerous diseases, USAF and doctors collaborate to deliver protective masks, while simultaneously quarantining the sick.
August 5
- Bodies are found in multiple areas across several states, in similar condition to the bodies found in the Cascade Range months earlier.
- Muerto spreads into several more towns and cities. Hospitals quickly become overwhelmed with new admissions.
- Many fear the outbreak will reach their area and attempt to leave. Highways are once again clogged, while soldiers attempt to console and comfort those panicking, encouraging them to return home.
- Cases spread further to larger cities.
- Hundreds of infected individuals begin to die in hospitals; some die on the streets. Several areas are quarantined, with hazmat teams burying the dead; in most cases, the dead are burned once space runs out.
- Reports of attacks begin to pile up in areas hit hardest by the infection. They are dismissed as riots and labelled as “fearful anarchists.”
- In the evening, sudden mass ‘riots’ break out across the western board. News reports depict people chasing each other and knocking others to the ground ‘with the intent to maim or kill’.
- Citizens, sick or healthy, attempt to flee the cities and areas that are in chaos. Many seek protection by local police forces, but are gunned down mistaken for attackers.
- Police forces in the main cities are quickly overwhelmed. USAF forces in the area respond with deadly force, but many of them are overwhelmed as well.
- Roadblocks are set up on highways, hoping to contain the violence to the cities—however, reports emerge of similar attacks occurring in small towns and even villages.
- The cities’ streets are a mix of stampeding civilians and crazed attackers.
August 7
12:00 AM – 5:00 AM
- USAF forces are forced to pull out of Denver’s limits. The president is long gone, relocated to De Moines, Iowa.
- Roadblocks outside Denver, Salt Lake City, and Santa Fe are overrun by infected individuals.
- Doctors confirm on radios and functioning stations that the attackers are deceased. The Muerto contagion is gained its name, but the infected are rarely, if ever, named as zombies.
7:23 AM
- The president addresses the nation, revealing the full scale of the situation and urges calm. This does little to prevent further panic.
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
- The infected overrun multiple military outposts across several cities.
- USAF forces conduct mass napalm bombings in Salt Lake City, Denver, Santa Fe, and more, in an attempt to control the spread. The effort fails.
- Reports arise that USAF forces have gunned down refugees pouring into towns neighboring Denver and Santa Fe. Outrage spreads quickly as the infected continue to migrate further east.
4:00 PM – 11:00 PM
- USAF outposts in Fort Collins, Colorado and Rapid City, South Dakota are overrun by infected.
- Reports of infection arise in the city of Wichita, Kansas. Suspected cases are either quarantined or killed to contain the spread.
- Fort Collins is firebombed by USAF pilots. Containment is initially a success, but the sound draws mass herds of infected hosts. The fort is declared a lost cause.
August 8
- Outposts and blockades are stationed across several areas not yet hit, such as Navezgane County. Cities further to the east succumb to infection and riots.
- Firebombing methods are abandoned for major cities; citizens are left to their own devices. Many die in the panic.
August 10 – August 11
- The Muerto contagion is reported in Navezgane and several other counties. People resort to locking themselves in their homes or committing suicide. However, many commit suicide by either poisoning or hanging, leading to reanimation.
- Suicide patients begin to reanimate over several hours, leading to a siege of infected hosts in several towns.
- The Diersville hospital is under siege throughout the 11th, leading to the infected escaping and attacking the neighboring folk.
- Infection reported in Perishton.
August 13
- Perishton under siege.
- Diersville confirmed lost. Many residents forced to fend for themselves. USAF forces abandon the town after failed attempts to control the infected hordes. Some fleeing residents are gunned down, mistaken for the dead.
- Several nuclear weapons are dropped on Denver, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque as a last resort. The resulting blasts irradiate the entire region. Navezgane County is more or less sealed off from the rest of the nation.
August 18
- Power failures plague large regions of the States.
- The infection is controlled in several areas via USAF border fences.
- USAF forces begin airdrops in areas affected, but still holding survivors.
August 25
- Navezgane is declared a hazard zone. Airdrops still occur, but it is forbidden to set foot until otherwise.
- The Muerto contagion is contained; half of the States survive.
- 7 Days To Die begins.
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Yeah sex is cool and all

But have you ever been banned from all of the casinos on The Strip in Fallout: New Vegas because you won too much money?
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[FNV] Major troubleshooting issues with memory

Hi, MO2 User here, So I followed Sinitar's U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E guide, and followed it very meticulously and carefully. After modding for like 3+ hours, and doing everything right, the game is working fine.
But, I get to Primm, and everything starts to lag. I go in the Casino, and try to leave, only to be met by an infinite loading screen. I also had issues such as crashing when exiting the pip boy, or crashing occasionally.
Went into Sinitar's discord as thats where it was directed to go for troubleshooting, and he just tells me that im "ranting" and "whining" at him and he bans me. I was doing nothing but troubleshooting, I honestly think he was just irritated that I actually had an issue using his modlist.
Just today I got a memory error after I crashed, and after research I found that it might be NVSR not doing its job right. But, in the modlist I followed I had to install a custom file for NVSR, and it is connected to a custom ini for NVSE. If I remove the mod entirely from MO2, it will remove the NVSE file also. I want to remove NVSR without removing NVSE, so how would I find it? Or is it safe to remove the mod entirely and reinstall the custom NVSE ini?
Here is my load order, just in case if it ISNT NVSR:
0 0 FalloutNV.esm 1 1 DeadMoney.esm 2 2 HonestHearts.esm 3 3 OldWorldBlues.esm 4 4 LonesomeRoad.esm 5 5 GunRunnersArsenal.esm 6 6 ClassicPack.esm 7 7 MercenaryPack.esm 8 8 TribalPack.esm 9 9 CaravanPack.esm 10 a YUP - Base Game + All DLC.esm 11 b oHUD.esm 12 c FCOMaster.esm 13 d Interior Lighting Overhaul - Core.esm 14 e Navmesh Fixes and Improvements.esm 15 f Project Nevada - Core.esm 16 10 APOLLOAndroids.esm 17 11 Project Nevada - Equipment.esm 18 12 Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.esm 19 13 Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp 20 14 Project Nevada - Cyberware.esp 21 15 Project Nevada - Extra Options.esm 22 16 YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp 23 17 The Mod Configuration Menu.esp 24 18 The Weapon Mod Menu.esp 25 19 Inventory Search.esp 26 1a Vurt's WFO.esp 27 1b dD - Enhanced Blood Main NV.esp 28 1c Project Nevada - Rebalance Complete.esp 29 1d Project Nevada - All DLC.esp 30 1e EVE FNV - ALL DLC.esp 31 1f IMPACT.esp 32 20 Book of Steel.esp 33 21 MiscItemIconsNV.esp 34 22 majormodder's Junk Food to Barbeque Crisps.esp 35 23 CIB Bighorners - HH.esp 36 24 CIB Bighorners.esp 37 25 karlsJnlegionledger.esp 38 26 New Icons For T-51B FONV Edition.esp 39 27 Big Bears.esp 40 28 Skinny Bears.esp 41 29 NVAnimatedTerninalScreenSaver.esp 42 2a Bullet Impact Increased LOD.esp 43 2b FCO - NPC Changes.esp 44 2c Uncut Wasteland.esp 45 2d New Vegas Landscape Overhaul.esp 46 2e TLD_Travelers.esp 47 2f Mojave Wildlife (FO3-Style + No Chanced).esp 48 30 WeaponModsExpanded.esp 49 31 Service_Rifle_Remade.esp 50 32 KnifeRetextureWMX.esp 51 33 WMX-DLCMerged.esp 52 34 Project Nevada - WMX.esp 53 35 YUP-WMX-PN-PNEO Patch.esp 54 36 Unofficial Patch Plus.esp 55 37 FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting - All DLC.esp 56 38 Mojave Nights.esp 57 39 Nights are Darker - Ultimate Edition.esp 58 3a WEATHER RUDY ENB.esp 59 3b Colorado River Weather Tweaked.esp 60 3c FCO - GlowingOne.esp 61 3d FCO3-PNEquipment.esp 62 3e FCO3-UFPP.esp 63 3f FCO + YUP.esp 64 40 FCO - OHSB NPC Edits.esp 65 41 I15REBORN1.0.esp 66 42 Apollo_Younger_Faces.esp 67 43 Better Burned Man.esp 68 44 Distributed Necklaces and Chains.esp 69 45 DragsModernGunslinger.esp 70 46 ADAM Complete.esp 71 47 ADAM - MERGE.esp 72 48 PrereleaseRestored.esp 73 49 lexx_brahmin-variant.esp 74 4a Rainy Days V2.esp 75 4b TheLozza's_Gasmasks_V2.esp 76 4c Snowglobes Redone.esp 77 4d Street Light Restoration.esp 78 4e NVllamaTheOverlook.esp 79 4f I15REBORN2.1.esp 80 50 NukaCola-Ojo.esp 81 51 MuchNeededLOD.esp 82 52 LimestoneLOD.esp 83 53 zzClothes.esp 84 54 I15REBORN2.0Reborn.esp 85 55 I15REBORN1.01.esp 86 56 NewVegasRoadsReborn2,2.esp 87 57 Gas Masks of the World - PN Patch.esp 88 58 HIIheadgearpack.esp 89 59 Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.Cheat.Cabinet.esp 90 5a Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.Honest.Hearts.Grunt.Patch.esp 91 5b Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.Leveled.Lists.esp 92 5c CraftableWeaponMods-WeaponsOfTheNewMillenia.esp 93 5d Asurah_reanimation.esp 94 5e L96_AMR.esp 95 5f WMX-EVE_ALL_DLC.esp 96 60 Diagonal movement.esp 97 61 Animated Chems.esp 98 62 MentatsGaloreWastelandParty.esp 99 63 Animated Stimpaks.esp 100 64 TrueCrouching.esp 101 65 Sit Anywhere.esp 102 66 UltimateUnarmedMeleePerkTweaks.esp 103 67 Karmic Balance.esp 104 68 WMX-POPMerged.esp 105 69 Nevada Combat.esp 106 6a Unofficial Patch Plus - Project Nevada Patch.esp 107 6b PNx Chargeable Tesla Deathray.esp 108 6c Project Nevada - EVE All DLC.esp 109 6d ImmersiveRecoil.esp 110 6e B42Inertia.esp 111 6f FO4PowerArmor.esp 112 70 NPCs Can Miss.esp 113 71 LiveDismember.esp 114 72 FSW.esp 115 73 JIP MiniMap.esp 116 74 MuzzleFlash Control.esp 117 75 Project Nevada - Better Sprint.esp 118 76 RememberAmmo.esp 119 77 Glasses Fix.esp 120 78 ILO - YUP Patch.esp 121 79 YUP-FCO3.esp 122 7a Project Nevada - Cyberware Additions.esp 123 7b FOVSlider.esp 124 7c JustHitMarker.esp 125 7d Interior Lighting Overhaul - Ultimate Edition.esp 126 7e FNVLODGen.esp 127 7f FNVMerged.esp 128 80 Bashed Patch, 0.esp
EDIT : Sorry about the crazy messy load order, i don't know how to fix it :(
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Fallout 3 "v.s." Fallout New Vegas: This is a long post for someone with everything to think about

"We start to confuse convenience with joy, abundance with choice."
This quote from a rather popular electronics company's recent design manifesto is, I think, the sum of every F3 vs NV thread I've read, recent ones notwithstanding. It's not so much fallacy as it is... what is it? Can we even make sense of it? Is there a chance you might come away from this thread not hating my opinion about two very different games? We'll see.
I've been playing a lot of both games lately, and I mean a lot. Some years back I pirated them sans DLC, and played through both once, in order. Playing them again with all the DLC and a better PC was like experiencing them anew. The endings I went for were F3: Good, FNV: House, NCR, and I was actually in the middle of my third NV route as Independent--until I decided to remake my F3 game and attempt the same min-maxing of SPECIAL that I did with NV.
I'd like you to try this experiment at home: Roll a character with 9 Int, and immediately set out to get that last 1 Int upon emerging from Doc Mitchell's/Vault 101.
If you're obsessed with min-max efficiency like me, here's what you probably did for FNV:
9 Luck, a mod to increase running speed, hightail it all the way to the Atomic Wrangler like it's post-apocalyptic Benny Hill, get banned from their joke of a casino, fork out the 4,000 caps at the New Vegas medical clinic for the implant. Done.
As I went through the motions of planning to kill House yet again (Do I return him the Chip before I kill him, or after? I want the caps. But what if his personal Securitrons are upgraded? They're not, just the ones on the Strip.), rolling my eyes as Yes Man went through his oh so hilarious shtick of introducing himself and plotting... my eyes glazed over as I killed Benny for the third time. I went back to F3. Decided to do the same thing with 10 Int.
This is what I did with F3:
Upon emerging from Vault 101, hightail it to the radioactive river and swim all the way to Rivet City. Emerge from it dripping with rads, make your way to the Science Lab, grab the Intelligence Bobblehead, fast travel back to Vault 101. Done.
It then struck me that this, more than anything, was what separated F3 from NV, something detractors of the former who dogmatically champion the latter consistently fail to grasp: New Vegas constantly reminds you that you're playing a game. Fallout 3 doesn't.
Why did I have to use a mod in my min-max runs of NV in order to achieve what was essentially a Rube Goldberg playthrough? Simple--NV devs intended that I make that artificial detour through the bottom half of the map, Primm to Nipton to Novac, and how did they achieve this? By walling me in with Cazadores and Deathclaws.
If you're going to pull out your predictable arguments here, you can stow them away. Yes, Cazadores are supposedly weak towards dynamite. Yes, Deathclaws can allegedly be evaded by way of a single Stealth Boy, of which one is available in the abandoned schoolhouse in Goodsprings. But you're missing the point.
The point isn't that it's possible. The point is that such "loopholes" are nothing more than the fruit of trial and error, a technicality that no casual or ordinary player would be able to envision for the sole purpose of wanting to buy an implant a little too early as a result of exploring an area right off the bat. I haven't tried bombing the Cazadores. I don't plan on using the Stealth Boy to get past the Deathclaws. Why the hell should I have to?
I play games to relax and to have fun, to explore escapist fantasies without breaking too much of what I call "in-game kayfabe". I hate being made aware of the fact that I'm doing no more than moving my hands and fingers in small, precise motions that somehow manage to be in sync with an avatar on this glowing rectangle of light that I'm staring at for hours on end. What I dislike even more is being aware that I'm being herded in a very specific direction by the fuckwits who decided that to wall me in at the outset by placing incredibly tough monsters that can only be defeated through repetition, sheer trial and error before the RNG decides that I get to enjoy the game the way I want it to.
The disparity between maps only tell half the story. No, stop quoting Retlaw83, Jesus Christ on a shit-covered stick. A mere 1/6th of the map is this "DC metro maze" that you rail at, the Mojave is not flat as evidenced by all the godforsaken impassable mountains, and no one is keeping you out of DC, at least not in the way that NV devs try to keep you out of heading directly to the Strip upon regaining consciousness at Doc Mitchell's. Finally, there isn't something trying to kill me every 20 feet in NV... but there are two very deadly mobs that will do so very efficiently if I have the audacity to want to head north on level 1.
Why are you confusing abundance with choice? Do you really think you are "choosing" to go through that painfully linear, railroaded U-turn through the Mojave? Is it "choice" that's guiding your Courier, or not wanting to be caught up in hours of quicksave reloading as you attempt one of thousands of combinations of NPC kiting and weapon usage that might allow you to clear Cazadores and Deathclaws that clearly outclass you? Presenting two outcomes when one is clearly unfavourable and more difficult is nothing more than the illusion of choice justified post-hoc. Trying to handwave away the CazaDeath wall won't change the fact that you're playing it just like it was intended for you to.
You can swim all the way to Rivet City fresh out of the vault. No mods needed. No messy, painful, annoying, distracting save-reload-save staccato to see if this developer-imposed restriction might yield. What if I don't want that much freedom? Then I'll proceed to Megaton: Lucy West to Arefu, Moira to Minefield, Anchorage Memorial, and if I don't want to pay that shitbag Colin Moriarty because I only have 1 Charisma and don't want to spare the caps, I'll just... be pointed to Rivet City by way of Moira eventually. That's my choice! But I can choose to skip Megaton entirely, and nuke it if I'm sick of "And every eye shall be blind with his glory!". The game allowed me to choose. At no point am I beholden to an arbitrary wall of just-so, and F3 is all the richer for it.
Remember the lack of map markers in Those! that stumped you for the longest while? Or the numerous other quests in F3 that wouldn't point out a dotted waypath, ones that you had to traverse by way of exploration, and dare I say it, serendipity? NV doesn't have those, not by a long shot. Playing debt collector for the Garret twins? Exact Freeside locations for all! Want to look for a new brain for Rex? Have three, two of which have no connection to the NPC giving you the locations! Which brings me to my next point:
Mistaking convenience for joy devalues it. Don't even get me started on the companions. The way in which you're railroaded into NV's companions is sheer spectacle and a handheld crutch, to mix my metaphors. Two of the easiest companions to obtain are ED-E and Boone, who bestow upon you battle advantages so great that it feels unnatural to choose any other combination afterwards. On the off chance that you want a change of pace? Veronica all but jumps you as long as you don't insult the Brotherhood in your initial conversation. Raul is Rapunzel for post-apocalyptia if you wander into the centre of the map. Decided to check out that Elvis impersonation school? Have Rex and Lily on a plate--you know where to find them if you don't, but you'll come back, won't you?
I've never understood why NV made companions essential, until it finally clicked: The developers intended that you play with them. Good intents, for all purposes, but purposefully intentional in the same way that you'll be drawn to that Powder Ganger waving at you from Nipton's entrance, or the NCR grunt stealing focus when you so much as breathe on Primm. The tour guide has strapped you into your seat, and is now yelling at you through a loudspeaker. Pay attention. I suppose it's telling that NV's companions only die on Hardcore mode.
Compare this to F3: You don't get anything resembling a proper companion till Fawkes, which is mid-game as far as the storied quests go. I've yet to discover Dogmeat through exploration, and I doubt I will at this rate. Jericho is inaccessible if you don't speak to every NPC in Megaton, or if you blow it up. Sergeant RL-3 I've seen maybe once outside of Tenpenny Tower, but I had the wrong karma level for it. Butch DeLoria... who the hell goes back to Muddy Rudder at that point in the game? Clover, Charon, and Cross require the same approach as Jericho--an active interest in your surroundings, the lore, the feel and place of the game, not a bit player to your god-like ascension in the epic that is He Who Hoover Dams With Chip. Oh, and they'll die just like Fawkes did that one time he tanked two albino radscorpions for me.
I'm 110 hours into two characters on F3; 140 hours into three characters on NV. The Wasteland Capital is, for all purposes, less "game" and more "experience", more of a fully-formed and explorable world than the Mojave Desert will ever be, yet is in no way the better game for doing so. Appreciation for both in equal measure is not doublethink, or a depleting fossil fuel to be fought over. Once upon a time, I played one after the other, and loved both equally by way of the stories they told me, each with their own strengths, in their own separate ways. I still do.
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The New Vegas casino cashiers never turn hostile - and that creates an exploit for huge amounts of easy money

So as a few of you will know by now, I'm doing testing into running as much of New Vegas as possible under the No-kill and Kill-everything rules, and I've found another bit of weird behaviour in Kill-Everything, with a potentially big consequence.
If you attack the Atomic Wrangler, the staff (the guards and the Garrets) fight back, and the gamblers run for it, all perfectly as you'd expect.
The exception is those manning the casino itself; the cashier and the blackjack dealer. Even if you run through the casino chainsawing everybody to death, they won't fight you, or run away, and once the violence is complete, they're happy to keep working with you - as you can see here.
Not that you actually need the casino staff; even if you do murder the blackjack dealer, you can still play blackjack (presumably against yourself, putting chips you lose into an honesty jar).
In fact, there's a major advantage to killing off everybody in a casino - normally, you get banned from gambling in the casino once you pass a certain level of winnings (each casino has its own limit - details here), but if everybody's dead, there's nobody to ban you, and you can keep on gambling forever, which I verified in the Atomic Wrangler, by continuing to gamble after passing 3,750, and checking the chasier would still let me turn in my chips.
This opens up pretty much the easiest way to get money in the entire game; just kill everyone in the Atomic Wrangler other than the cashier, and play Blackjack - with even a moderately high Luck stat (and nobody to ban you from winning), it should easily yield 5,000 caps worth of chips every 10/15 minutes, by choosing to hit on everything lower than 20.
Honestly, I won't be doing myself, as it's effectively a bug that breaks the game's balance by giving you access to too many good weapons thanks to the Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC, but if you ever wanted to get the Two-Step Goodnight nice and early in a run, it's a nice method.
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[USA][H]Fifa 13, GoW Saga, B-Lands GOTY (PS3), Dishonored, Skyrim, Dance Central 3, Witcher 2, Max Payne (360), BIG LIST (All Systems) || [W]Assassin's Creed 3 (360) NBA 2k13 (PS3) RPG's (360,PS3,DS,PSP), "Tales of" Games (Any), OFFERS/LISTS (ALL)

I am a gamer first and a collector second. If you have a game that I like, I'd certainly rather have an original version or CE version, but I'm just fine with a Greatest Hits version if it's something I want to play as opposed to collect. I only have a few specifics that I'm looking for, so I'm really looking to check out lists. I'm constantly shifting my attention to other games (damn gamer ADD) so you never know what will really catch my eye!
Everything on this list is potentially up for trade. If I own it, and there is absolutely no way I'm trading it, it isn't listed here. Pretty straight forward on availability. The more asterisks, the harder it is for me to let go of that game. I'm always willing to trade, so here is a guide to what the asterisks mean to me:
1= No hesitation. This game is absolutely up for trade. 2= I like it, but I'm most probably done with it. Still absolutely up for trade. 3= I'm just as willing to keep it as I am willing to trade it. 4= Most likely still being played in my house or just a game that I LOVE owning. 5= Probably in my backlog and not necessarily looking to trade, but if the price is right...
FYI - I LOVE RPG's. They're by far, my favorite genre. If you have a RPG not listed here, I very well may be interested in it. Shoot me an offer and let's see what we can do! So, without further adieu, here's the goods!:
Game Completeness Availability Notes
XBOX 360 Updated 11/28
Assassins Creed CIB ****
Assassins Creed 2 CIB *** 2 copies
Assassins Creed Brotherhood CIB ****
Assassins Creed Revelations CIB ****
Big Bumpin' CIB *
Blue Dragon CIB ***
Borderlands CIB ***
Borderlands GOTY CIB **** 2-disc version
Borderlands 2 CIB *** 2 copies
Brink CIB **
Call of Duty: Black Ops CIB ****
Dance Central 1 CIB ***
Dance Central 2 CIB ***
Dance Central 3 CIB *** new,sealed
Dance, Dance Revolution Universe CIB * also have the dance mat
Dark Souls CIB ***
Dead Island CIB *** new, sealed, greatest hits
Dishonored CIB **** new,sealed
Dragon Age II CIB *** new, sealed
Dragons Dogma CIB ****
Fable II w/ DLC CIB ** Platinum Hits
Fable III CIB ***
Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition CIB ***
Fighters Uncaged CIB **
Game of Thrones CIB *** new, sealed
Gears of War CIB **
Guitar Hero Aerosmith CIB *
Guitar Hero III CIB *
Infinite Undiscovery CIB **
Infinite Undiscovery CIB *** new, sealed
Infinite Undiscovery Strategy Guide ***
Kameo CIB **
Kinect Adventures CIB *
Kinect Adventures CIB ** new, sealed
Kinectimals CIB ***
Kingdoms of Amalur CIB ***
Kingdoms of Amalur CIB PENDING OUT
Lost Odyssey CIB ****
Madden 08 CIB *
Mass Effect 1 disc only **
Mass Effect 2 CIB ***
Moto GP 06 CIB *
NASCAR 08 disc + case * case has a small crack near the top back.
NCAA March Madness 08 CIB *
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit CIB **
Need For Speed: Most Wanted CIB *** Green Label/Original version
Nier CIB ****
Perfect Dark Zero CE CIB * Metal CE case/cover
Project Gotham Racing 3 CIB *
Resonance of Fate CIB ***
Risen CIB ***
Rock Band 3 CIB *****
Rock Band Keytar controller *** has shoulder strap
Skyrim CIB ****
Sonic Free Riders CIB **
Spiderman: Friend or Foe CIB ***
Tales of Vesperia CIB ***** actively playing
The Last Remnant CIB ***
Tiger Woods 2010 CIB *
Too Human CIB ***
Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition CIB ***
Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition CIB ***** new, sealed
3DS//DS Updated 11/28
Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs CIB ***
Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard CIB *****
Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS CIB *** no stand/has AR cards
Knights in the Knightmare CIB ***
Lego Indiana Jones cart only PENDING OUT
Mario & Sonic - Winter Olympic Games cart only ***
Monster Rancher DS CIB ***
Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney CIB ***
Pokemon Black cart only ***
Pokemon Diamond CIB ***
Shin Megami Tensei:Strange Journey CIB ****
Spectrobes CIB **
Spiderman 3 CIB **
Spiderman: Friend or Foe CIB **
Spongebob: Atlantis Squarepantis CIB **
Star Wars: Clone Wars CIB **
Star Wars: Force Unleashed CIB PENDING OUT
Super Mario 64 DS cart only PENDING OUT
Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll cart only **
Tales of the Abyss 3DS CIB PENDING IN
The World Ends with You CIB ***** Actively Playing
PS3 Updated 11/28
Afro Samurai CIB **
Borderlands GOTY CIB *** new,sealed
Call of Duty: Black Ops CIB ***
Demon's Souls CIB *** Black Label
Eternal Sonata CIB PENDING OUT
Eye of Judgment w/ Starter Deck & Playmat CIB ** starter deck of cards, playmat, camera stand
Folklore CIB ***
God of War Saga CIB **** new,sealed
Mod Nation Racers CIB ****
PS Move Bundle see notes *** 2 guns/2 navi/1 wand/PS Eye
Rage CIB **
Rage Anarchy Edition CIB ***
Saint's Row 3 CIB PENDING IN
Sports Champions CIB ** PS Move
UFC 2010 CIB **
Uncharted 1 disc only *** generic case
WII Updated 11/28
AMF Bowling: World Lanes CIB *
Biggest Loser CIB **
Boom Blox CIB **
Goldeneye 007 CIB PENDING OUT
Guitar Hero III CIB ** Have guitar also
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga CIB ****
Madden 07 CIB *
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games CIB ***
Mary Kart Wii CIB ****
Mario Party 8 CIB ***
Marvel Ultimate Alliance CIB ***
Metroid Prime 3 no manual *** case + game
My Sims Kingdom CIB **
Nerf N-Strike CIB ** Pretty sure I have the gun
Spiderman 3 CIB **
Super Mario Galaxy CIB ***
Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam CIB **
Wii Fit CIB ***
Wii Fit Plus CIB ***
GAMECUBE Updated 11/28
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles CIB ***
Finding Nemo CIB *
Legends of Wrestling CIB * working, needs buffed
Simpsons Hit and Run CIB **
Tales of Symphonia CIB **** Original
XBOX Updated 11/28
Burnout Revenge CIB **
High Rollers Casino CIB *
Hitman 2 CIB ** Platinum Hits
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings CIB **
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers CIB **
Magic the Gathering: Battlegrounds CIB **
Pirates of the Caribbean CIB **
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time CIB ** Platinum Hits
Spy vs. Spy CIB ***
Star Wars: Clone Wars // Tetris World CIB ** Includes both games
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic CIB *** Platinum Hits
Street Racing Syndicate CIB *
The Godfather CIB **
The Hobbit CIB **
Unreal Tournament CIB **
PS2 Updated 11/28
4-Way Adapter adapter only ** MadCatz
4-Way Adapter adapter only *** Sony official
ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 CIB *
Beyond Good & Evil CIB *
Blitz the League CIB **
Bully: Scholarship Edition CIB * Greatest Hits
Call of Duty 3 CIB **
Call of Duty Finest Hour CIB **
Cars CIB *
College Hoops 2k6 CIB *
Dr. Muto disc+case * no manual
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel CIB **
Family Guy the Game CIB *
Final Fantasy X Strategy Guide ***
Final Fantasy X-2 CIB **
Final Fantasy XII CIB *
Final Fantasy XII CE CIB ****
Final Fantasy XII Strategy Guide ***
Ford Mustang Racing CIB *
God of War CIB **
Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec CIB ** Greatest Hits
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City CIB *
Guitar Hero 2 CIB **
Gun Club disc + case * no manual
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets CIB **
Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge CIB **
Hunter the Reckoning: Wayward CIB *
Kingdom Hearts II CIB ****
Madden 08 CIB *
Malice CIB *
Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects CIB **
Micro Machines CIB ***
MLB 07 the Show CIB *
MLB Slugfest 2006 CIB *
Mojo CIB *
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance CIB ** Greatest Hits
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Strategy Guide **
Mortal Kombat Deception CIB ***
NBA Ballers CIB *
NBA Street CIB *
Need for Speed Underground CIB *** Greatest Hits
NFL 2k3 CIB *
Pac-Man World Rally CIB **
Pinball Hall of Fame CIB *
Power Rangers Super Legends: 15th Anniversary CIB ***
Prince of Persia the Two Thrones CIB **
Showdown: Legends of Wrestling CIB *
Shrek 2 CIB * Greatest Hits
Simpsons Road Rage CIB ** Greatest Hits
Sims Bustin' Out CIB **
Sly Cooper & the Thievius Racoonus CIB ** Greatest Hits
Sly Cooper & the Thievius Racoonus CIB *** Black Label
SOCOM Combined Assault CIB *
Sonic Mega Collection Plus CIB ***
Sonic Riders Zero Gravity CIB *
Spiderman 2 CIB *
Splinter Cell Double Agent CIB ***
Star Wars: Starfighter CIB ** Greatest Hits
Starsky & Hutch CIB *
The Cat in the Hat CIB *
The Simpsons Game CIB **
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 CIB *
Time Crisis II disc + guns *** generic case, 2 guns
Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness CIB **
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 CIB **
Tony Hawk Underground 2 CIB **
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland CIB ** Greatest Hits
Top Gun CIB *
Transworld Surf disc+case *
Turok: Evolution CIB **
World Championship Poker CIB * Greatest Hits
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006 CIB * Greatest Hits
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 CIB *
Xenosaga 2 CIB ***
X-Men Legends CIB **
STEAM Updated 11/28
Binding of Isaac complete giftable *
Drakensang giftable **
Legend of Grimrock giftable ***
Magicka Collection / Complete Pack giftable **
Plants vs. Zombies GotY giftable **
Railworks 3 w/ multiple add-ons giftable *
Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale giftable ***
Risen giftable ***
The Witcher EE giftable *****
Warhammer 40k: Space Marine giftable *
Zombie Driver giftable *
PS1 Updated 11/28
Activision Classic Games (Atari 2600) disc+manual *
Animaniacs Ten Pin Alley disc+manual *
Bedrock Bowling disc + manual *
Bob the Builder disc+manual *
Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling disc+manual *
Caesar's Palace disc only *
Caesar's Palace II disc only *
Cybertiger disc+manual *
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX disc + manual *
Driver disc only *
Duke Nukem Time to Kill disc+manual *
Family Feud disc only *
Gameshark unit only **
Golden Nugget disc+manual *
Gran Turismo 2 CIB ** Greatest Hits
Memory Cards *** have 2, one blue, one grey, both working
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Strategy Guide **
Syphon Filter disc+manual *
Tenchu Stealth Assassins disc+manual *
Tonka Space Station disc+manual *
Twisted Metal 4 disc+manual *
Wheel of Fortune disc+manual *
Wild Arms disc + manual ***
WWF Attitude disc+manual *
PSP Updated 11/28
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core CIB ***
Legend of Heroes:Trails in the Sky CIB ***
Popolocrois CIB **
Tactics Ogre:Let Us Cling Together CIB ***
NES Updated 11/28 have some dust covers
Clash at Demonhead cart+manual **
Deja Vu cart only **
Exodus Ultima cart only **
Gauntlet 2 cart only *
Hydlide cart only *
NES Max Turbo controller controller ** working
Rampage cart only *
Super Mario Brothers cart only *
Superspike Volleyball cart only *
Swords and Serpents cart only *
Tetris cart only *
The Black Bass cart only *
Tmnt III the Manhattan Project cart only * see pic - some damage, working
Vegas Dream cart only *
Wrestlemania cart only *
Game Boy Advance system system only ** white, works perfectly, small scratch on screen
Game Boy Advance SP system system only *** blue/silver, works perfectly, cosmetic scratches, none on screen
Game Boy Advance SP system system only *** black/silver, works perfectly, cosmetic scratches, none on screen
Game Boy Advance charger ** Have 3
Guild Wars 2 Account **** prepurchase bonuses
Minecraft Premium Account ***
Xbox 360 console Red Ring * banned from xbox live
Xbox 360 Component Cables Working *
WANT - Updated 11/20
WII-U CONSOLE - Hey, a brother can dream, can't he? PS VITA - See the description for Wii-U want
360 * Assassin's Creed III * HD Collections * Risen 2
PS3 * Borderlands 2 * HD Collections * NBA 2k13 * Saint's Row 2 * Saint's Row 3 (PENDING IN) * Tales of Grace f
3DS/DS * Code of Princess 3DS * Disgaea * Etrian Odyssey 1 & 3 * Final Fantasy Theatrhythm 3DS * Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS * Shin Megami Tensei games (Have Strange Journey) * Tales of the Abyss 3DS (PENDING IN)
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Fallout New Vegas: The Courier That Broke the Bank ... Bethesda Bans Aris FIRST TRY from New Vegas' Casino for ... Fallout New Vegas: Cheating the Casinos Part 3: The Ultra ... Kicked Out Of Every New Vegas Strip Casino's Fallout New ... Fallout New Vegas Tutorial Courier Who Broke the Bank ...

If your banned from a casino in real Vegas; word spreads pretty fast, so usually the casino manager will notify other properties of your cheating. (i.e caesars will tell Rio who will tell the Venetian). I don't think the dev's would be this dumb to incorperate this into the game; so go to a different casino and stop complaining. I won 10000 caps twice. Once at tops and once at the casino by lucky 38 (i forgot the name dont judge) and got banned from both. How do i get unbanned? is there a command? A mod? Is it permanent? And is banning based on some max winnings threshold at each particular casino, or is it based on the winnings at one sitting? (i.e. I just won $4K at Vivky and Vance casino, and got banned. If I reload and quit after winning say...$3K, can I come back another day and win $3K again, or will I get banned as soon as I hit that $4K total mark?) Winning too much in a casino gets you banned. But is the limit static, as in whenever you have won a specific sum over all time you get banned, or is it a ban for winning too much over a short period of time? fallout-new-vegas. share improve this question follow edited Aug 2 '11 at 15:21. Brett White. 509 1 1 gold badge 7 7 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. asked Jan 21 '11 at 2:47 ... Nonetheless I finally entered the casino, did the mission (killed Dean cause he’s a bitch, gave a new personality to God/Dog and well been nice to Christine. Finally I pulled an extra sneaky on Elijah by stealing the 37 gold bars and locking him in the vault. In conclusion I wanted to say thanks to all of you because without this post motivation I might have just given up a few times. If you ... For Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Anyway to prevent getting banned from gambling at a casino?". Board index ‹ Fallout ‹ Fallout: New Vegas; Change font size ; Print view; FAQ; 5 posts • Page 1 of 1. Im banned from every casino » Thu Dec 15, 2011 3:02 am . my luck of 10 blackjack player cleaned out every casino on the strip and the atomic wrangler... Jimmie Allen Posts: 3358 Joined: Sun Oct 14, 2007 6:39 am » Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:24 am . Good job :thumbsup: [TF2 Announcer] NOW DO IT ... I enjoyed getting banned from all the Casino's, got that nice little trophy then I went to the medical centre and got all the implants done . peter94. L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N seek-o-holic total posts ... In fallout new vegas, ive been banned from playing in a casino, when can i start gambling again? Answer Save. 5 Answers. Relevance. pdq. Lv 7. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer . This is a video game, right? Perhaps you'll get better results in the "Video Game" section. This is the "Gambling" section. 0 0. Ted. 6 years ago. It's BS! And it is hard not to shoot the place up after being told how ... In fallout new vegas, i have been banned in 2 casino's will i be able to start gambling again? Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. Matt. 1 decade ago . Favorite Answer. Once you have won over ten grand in most casino's you will not be able to gamble again. This stops you winning unlimited money as with high luck blackjack is very easy. There is no point in intentionally losing as it is done on ...

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Fallout New Vegas: The Courier That Broke the Bank ...

A really obvious achievement guide. Just know that luck helps a lot in casinos. Hey guys, this is a tutorial about getting banned from the three main casinos on the New Vegas Strip. Get some money!! Get some achievements! and as one fri... #NewVegas #Casino #Aris First Rockstar, now Bethesda? This needs to stop -- Watch live @ Sorry about the facebook noise XD This is my 3rd Casino i've been banned from... going for it all i have 32k caps i think i got about 15k just from here, max... Kicked Out Of Every New Vegas Strip Casino's Fallout New Vegas WalkthroughGot kicked out of every new vegas strip casino. The casino of 'The Tops', 'Gomorrah...